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Josh Duggar Allegedly Paid Danica Dillon To Sleep With Him, ‘Tried To Kill’ Her

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Duggar fans and critics alike know about Josh Duggar’s past. Many remember his molestation scandal going public in 2015. This is because he molested five underage girls when he was a teenager. Several of these girls are his sisters.

Josh was also making headlines in 2015 for another scandal. He apparently slept with a porn star, whose stage name is Danica Dillon. Danica’s real name is Ashley Johnston. This whole thing happened while he was married to his wife Anna Duggar. Plus, Josh used Ashley Madison, which was a website used to create extramarital affairs. He reportedly had several accounts on the website.

While some fans are able to look past Josh’s mistakes, others aren’t going to let these things go. Some say they will never forgive him for what he did to his sisters as a teen and what he later did to his wife by being unfaithful.

Now, Danica is speaking out about Josh and what went down between the two of them. She was recently interviewed by The Sun. This interview comes five years after she first spoke about Josh. At the time, she said that they had rough intercourse and that he was violent with her. Ever since she shared about the event, Josh has denied it all. Now, Danica’s sharing even more about the encounter and what it means for her.

Danica Dillon speaks out about Josh Duggar

In the new interview, Danica reveals that the intercourse was so intense that she thought, “This guy tried to kill me.” Then, she claims, “He came up. And it started off normal, but then it just got super aggressive… my airflow [was restricted], I was doing things that were super uncomfortable to me and I had said no multiple times.”

Then, when she counted the money he left her, she was underpaid. Apparently, he paid her $1,500, per the lawsuit.

Danica reveals that she saw the Duggar son at one of her dancing gigs. That time, he apologized to her. His excuse for how he treated her is that he saw how she was treated in her videos. So, he thought it was okay to be that rough. She says that things were then different the second time they slept together.

The whole scandal got her a lot of attention. Many outlets wanted to interview her, which she says is overwhelming. Now, the lawsuit has been dropped and she’s finally getting back to her normal life. In the interview, Danica also talks about seeing a therapist for the trauma. Apparently, she’s been abused since the age of eight. Now, Danica is with her third husband and has four children. Things seem to be going well for her. She was paranoid for a while, but she started to feel better around the time she met her husband in 2017.

Danica Dillon talks about Anna Duggar’s ‘humiliation’

Since the news of the scandals is out in the open, fans are often wondering why Anna stays with her husband. It’s likely due to the couple’s religion. The entire family seems to be against divorce. Plus, in 2015, the couple welcomed their fourth child. So, this could have influenced Anna’s decision to stay with Josh.

Interestingly, Danica speaks about Anna and how she must have felt. Danica says, “I can only imagine the humiliation that she went through and the trauma that she’s had to deal with over, just the whole family in general, scandal after scandal after scandal.” Amid the scandals, Danica says she felt the worst for Anna.

Josh is rarely in pictures or on Counting On

Due to the negative headlines about Josh, he’s no longer on TLC’s Counting On with the rest of his family. He’s also rarely on their social media pages. They don’t post about him often. Just recently, the family started sharing more photos of him. Still, they seem to be limiting how often they share about him. It seems that Josh is still going to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s home. He spends time with the family, despite not being in pictures often.

So, what do you think of this new information from Danica Dillon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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