‘OutDaughtered’: The Busbys Spend Mother’s Day At The Beach

Danielle Busby of Outdaughtered

As TV Shows Ace reports, Danielle Busby wanted to spend Mother’s Day at the beach. The OutDaughtered family previously took a trip to the beach. But, Danielle decided that she wanted to spend her Mother’s Day at the beach too. On Saturday, she shared a bikini photo and wrote, “High five 🙌🏼 for Mother’s Day weekend! All I want for this weekend is to sit back on the beach, breathe some salty air, swimsut and sun hat, and drink in hand.”

Well, it looks like Danielle’s wishes came true. She and the rest of the Busby family took a trip to the beach. She shared a picture of the family leaving the beach, joking about how many things they have to carry to and from the beach.

Danielle talks about her Mother’s Day, saying, “What a way to end our amazing Mother’s Day on the beach.” Dale Mills, known as Uncle Dale, commented on the post. He and his family tagged along to the beach too. Dale said, “Glad y’all could carry two bags… me and Buzz picked up half the damn beach full of crap.”


On social media, Adam shared a family picture at the beach. He also shared an adorable picture of Hazel. She looks so happy in the photo. Adam writes, “When mom wants to head back to the beach house for Mother’s Day weekend, Smiles all around!” So, it sounds like Danielle isn’t the only OutDaughtered star who loves the beach.


OutDaughtered fans worry about the coronavirus

In response to the post, Danielle is getting some Mother’s Day love. But, a lot of her followers are worrying about something else. Due to the coronavirus, fans think the family should skip these beach trips. Several of the family’s social media followers are asking about social-distancing.

Well, as it turns out, some beaches in Texas are opening up. This goes along with many states easing up on the coronavirus lockdowns. So, it seems like Danielle, Adam and the rest of the family are allowed to go to the beach.

Still, some fans think that it’s safer to stay home for a little bit longer to help prevent a second wave of the virus. Others argue, saying that the family can spread out while at the beach.

No matter what OutDaughtered fans have to say about the whole thing, it’s safe to say that the family had a good time. They seem to be happy to be getting out of the house after the lockdown.

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