Jon Gosselin: Fans Lament His Estrangement From The Sextuplets On His Birthday Message

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin lives with his girlfriend Colleen, her teenage children, and his two children, Collin and Hannah. Following a toxic relationship with his ex-wife Kate, he finally divorced and moved on from the TLC show, which was then renamed Kate Plus 8. While his daughter Hannah sees the other kids from time to time, his son Collin’s banned from seeing his siblings by Kate. And, it’s clear the rest of the sextuplets and the twins avoid their dad. Fans lamented that estrangement when Jon posted up a birthday message to the sextuplets this weekend.

Jon Gosselin shares a nice birthday message to all of the sextuplets, now 16

While Jon celebrated Hannah and Collin’s birthday, he doesn’t see the other four sextuplets. Collin and Hannah enjoy a pleasant family life these days, so it’s clear that Jon’s not the monster that Kate possibly made out to the other kids. TV Shows Ace reported that Jon spoke with Alec Lace on the Firstclass Fatherhood Podcast about his children. He told Alec that while Hannah and Collin attend “school down the road,” the family remains divided.

His daughter Hannah spends a bit of time with her siblings, but Kate won’t allow Collin to see his siblings at all. Recall, Kate sent Collin into an institution at a young age and never really came up with a good reason for it, fans thought. For Jon Gosselin, he never gave up fighting for some custody rights and it took “12 years of court” to get any at all. One accomplishment means that the children can’t film for Kate Plus 8 without his consent.

Hannah and her brother Collin both opted to live with their dad. Now, he noted that the courts decided the children should choose where they wish to stay as they grow older now. The sextuplets turned 16-years old, and Jon included all of them in his birthday message.

Fans lament that the sextuplets don’t know their dad, Jon

On their 16th birthday, Jon shared his message on Instagram. He posted up a card that read, “Happy 16th birthday Hannah and Collin. Then, he added, “Leah, Joel. Alexis, and Aaden, I hope your 16th birthday is just as memorable.” He ended his message with, “Love Dad.”ย  Plenty of fans responded to that and many of them feel saddened that the twins, Mady and Cara, and the other four sextuplets don’t see their dad.

One of Jon Gosselin’s followers commented, “Happy Birthday to them! Hopefully, when they get older they will understand how much you cared and always thought about them. ๐Ÿ’™” Then, another one noted, “Happy Birthday to them all. I’m so sorry that you are being denied a relationship with your children ๐Ÿ˜ช. They will come around one day when they experience life themselves.” One fan felt very sorry about the situation. They wrote, “Sad if this is the only way you can express your wishes. Best wishes to all the kiddos! 16 already! ๐ŸŽ‚”

What do you think about the sad situation of the missed milestone birthday? Do you hope that one day, news comes that the other kids reach out to their dad? Sound off in the comments below.

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