Carlin Bates Breaks Down As She Explains Baby Layla’s Oxygen Crisis After Hole In The Heart Diagnosis

Carlin Bates baby Layla

Carlin Bates adores her little baby Layla. She shared how she and Evan Stewart redecorated her nursery. All looked well for the family of three. But, Layla recently got diagnosed with a hole in the heart. Now, Carlin broke down in tears as she described Layla’s oxygen crisis. She asked fans to please pray for her daughter

Carlin Bates cries as she talks about Layla’s scary oxygen crisis

From smiling and happy when she showed fans the renovations to Layla’s nursery, Carlin went from happy mom to distraught and terrified mom. The popular Bringing Up Bates star revealed how terrifying Layla’s bad turn felt. While Evan comforted her, she couldn’t hold back the tears as she recounted the scary event on her YouTube. She shared the unsettling news on their YouTube Channel late May 9. The update follows a  previous video where she mentioned that they visited the hospital to get herself checked out. And, Layla’s breathlessness ended up with her baby being checked out. Doctors diagnosed a hole in the heart.

In her video, Carlin Bates noted that they got a special monitor for Layla. While they settled down to watch a movie, the monitor went off. Evan held her at the time. But Carlin said oxygen levels fell very badly. That’s very scary indeed. Struggling to hold back the tears, as she cradled Layla, she said, “I picked her up and I was just like freaking out!” Carlin described Layla as looking “white.” Panicking as they’d “never been in this situation,” she didn’t know what to do to help her daughter.

The scariest moment ever, says Carlin

Talking about the scary moment, the Bringing Up Bates star continued by saying that she called her mom, who phoned 911. Meanwhile, Evan rushed to gather things in case of a hospital stay. Her sister, who lives nearby, rushed over.  Layla still acted “lethargic.” However she’d then changed back to a “pink” color, Carlin said. Grateful for her sister, Carlin tried to gather herself. She explained it as in a “moment,” it felt like her “life turned upside down.”

The EMS people arrived and Layla improved a lot. Her oxygen levels went back up to over 80 percent.” Evan said the EMS people “checked her out and she seems fine.” He added they felt perhaps “it’s better not to take her to the ER” because of the virus going around. Carlin and Evan prayed before deciding a call to the pediatric might work for the best. During that call, their doctor also agreed that keeping Layla home might be for the best. But, they made an appointment for the next day. However, irrespective of the virus, if it happened again, they advised Carlin that an ER visit’s for the best. After all, some underlying reason could account for the emergency.

God’s in control

Evan spoke as Carlin Bates cried again, saying how scared they felt as they didn’t know what to do. Nearly in tears himself, Evan can’t imagine life if his baby “stopped breathing.” Carlin mentioned that she realizes the fragility of life now. But Carlin said they rely on God. Carlin Bates promised an update after the appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

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