‘Prison Break’ Star Dominic Purcell SLAMS President Donald Trump On Instagram

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Prison Break star Dominic Purcell is calling out President Donald Trump on Instagram. And, he doesn’t have very kind things to say.

“The danger is inside the house,” Dominic announced at the start of a very lengthy caption. The caption was attached to a selfie of Dominic Purcell rocking a face mask.

The Prison Break star proceeded to reveal that a member of the U.S. Navy that valeted President Donald Trump was confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19.

“This means the deadly virus has likely circulated in the White House living quarters, threatening the president’s health.”

Dominic proceeded to mention some statistics before bashing the President for insiting he has everything under control.

He continued: “No Mr President you don’t have it under control. No one does. The president with his continued reckless false optimism is simply disagreeing with expert opinion. I understand the President’s want to reopen as all of us want to reopen, however if experts, epidemiologists are disagreeing with the Presidents uneducated assertions about #covid_19 the horror will last longer and spread further.”

Dominic Purcell revealed he would NOT be listening to President Trump.

“Me? I listen to people who are qualified. The President is not qualified. It’s also poignant to note the President has not been photographed with a MASK,” the actor concluded.

Purcell believes everyone needed to make their own decision on whether things should return to normal. And, if they should wear a mask in public. It, however, sounded like Dominic Purcell plans on staying at home for a while longer to do his part to slow the spread. It also sounds like he plans on continuing to wear a face mask any time he is in public.

Moreover, the actor seemed to take a major issue with President Trump never being photographed wearing a mask. Is President Donald Trump in over his head? Dominic Purcell certainly seems to think so.


What did the actor’s fans have to say about his outburst on Instagram?

With the exception of when Dominic Purcell directly mentions Prison Break on Instagram… He doesn’t consistently get more than a couple hundred comments on his posts. This post, however, has got some serious traction on the social media platform. His 1.7 million followers liked the photo 95,000 times. And, they left just shy of 1,300 comments.

A quick scroll through the comments reveal his followers were not nearly as passionate about the subject. In fact, one individual took issue with the actor for making the comment.

“Lincoln was never smart,” the individual penned referring to his character from Prison Break.

Purcell, however, did have a lot of fans quick to defend him in response. Here’s some of what his fans had to say firing back:

  • “He’s not Lincoln. He’s Dominic Purcell!”
  • “He was so smart from season one.. just that he was not a genius like Michael Scofield. In season 5 remember he is the one who saves his genius brother.”
  • “It’s smart to understand the difference between fiction and reality…”

Many opted to leave nothing more than a flame or heart emoji in the comments. Some simply wanted to wish the actor to stay safe. One even jested he would need to run before the government came after him, referring to him as his character in Prison Break.

Unsurprisingly, there were also a few who took to the comments simply to ask about Prison Break Season 6.

What do you think about what Dominic Purcell had to say on Instagram? Sound off in the comments and let us know!


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