Bachelor Nation Alums React To Chris Soules, Victoria Fuller’s Blooming Relationship

Chris Soules of 'The Bachelor' via Instagram

There has been a lot of drama and action among members of Bachelor Nation during this time of quarantine. Relationships seem to be forming, friendships growing, and some relationships getting even stronger. One couple that has seemingly emerged is between former Bachelor Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller. Fans and Bachelor Nation have been completely shook by this development. Nobody saw it coming.

Chris and Victoria spent time together in Iowa

Reality Steve was first to share that Victoria was in Iowa with Chris. Fans immediately started doing their own investigating. They started noticing the photos Victoria was posting were seemingly in Chris’ house. There were pics of the same sunset posted within an hour of each other. There was also an Instagram story from Victoria asking for show recommendations. The same chandelier in her photo is the same one Chris has in his bedroom.

Sources confirmed to US Weekly that Chris slid into Victoria’s DM’s. They also said he DM’s a lot of people. She must of liked it and she must like him because she took off for Iowa.

No photos have been posted of the two of them together. But, she did post one photo that pretty much confirmed it all. Victoria shared a photo in Chris’ house of her posing and looking fabulous in a stunning dress. She captioned it, “Farm life.” She even tagged her location in Arlington, Iowa.

Bachelor Nation reacts

To say most Bachelor alums were shocked would be an understatement. US Weekly shared some of their reactions to the news. Kaitlyn Bristowe shared her thoughts on Chris and Victoria. She said, “The Victoria and Chris one threw me off. I did not see that one coming. I need more information before I root for anyone there.”

Tanner Tolbert says he is in a group message with Chris and was tempted to ask him about Victoria. He said he didn’t because he didn’t want to pry. He went on to say, “I’m waiting to see what he says about that. It took me by surprise. I was like, ‘They were so random of a pair.’ … Obviously someone had to slide into someone’s DMs just to start that up.”

Ben Higgins also spoke out saying he was shocked. He said Chris is a really good friend of his and he did not see this coming. Ben, who just got engaged himself, said Chris has not confirmed or denied the rumors to him. Ben went on to say,  “So if he’s found somebody that’s kept him the same way through this, then good on him. I just wish he would talk to me about it. Victoria seemed a lot more outspoken than Chris. Chris is a super quiet, shy guy. He has a great family. He’s really good at what he does. He’s a great farmer, and I didn’t see that side of Victoria. That doesn’t — none of that relates with her.”

Even host Chris Harrison admits nobody saw it coming. However, he wishes them nothing but happiness. He hopes Victoria is living it up driving tractors.

Victoria’s friends support her

Sydney Hightower is one friend who has shown support to Victoria. In regards to her being on the farm in Iowa she said, “Hunni she loves a farm life 👩🏻‍.”

Another friend, Alayah Benavidez, added, “Only you could make farm life look this good.”

Nobody is still certain what exactly is going on between Chris and Victoria. It appears from her Instagram that she has returned to Virginia Beach. Hopefully they will speak out soon and share the scoop of their rumored relationship.




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