Sarah Palin on The Masked Singer

‘The Masked Singer’ News: Sarah Palin Says It Was ‘Walking Middle Finger’ To Her Haters

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Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin was revealed in March on The Masked Singer.  She was participating as the popular rapping Bear on the show. Palin has recently spoken about her appearance on the Fox show… She claims she knew her performance would shock audiences. And it was the whole point.

Sarah Palin on The Masked Singer

The audience was shocked indeed when it was revealed Sarah Palin, 56, was behind the Bear’s mask. She spoke about her experience on the after show on Wednesday. People quotes Sarah as saying it was “all about the mask.” Palin says she knew it would be “so refreshing and so freeing” to be on the show. However, she also said that in a respectful way… Her appearance is “kind of a walking middle finger” to her haters in the world.

The former VP hopeful says wearing that mask meant she could do whatever she wanted. This while not caring what anyone said. This was due to the fact they wouldn’t find out until the mask came off on the Fox singing competition.

Watch Sarah perform Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot in the video here.

The craziest thing Sarah Palin has ever done

Speaking to host Nick Cannon, Sarah says it all worked out for her. She does, however, believe this was the “craziest thing” she has ever done. Meanwhile, it gained her more positive attention than she had ever had before. Palin says, “It was weird, it was wild, it was fun.”

Weirder for us, she said her character on the show has a lot of her personality, who she really is. She says she just wants to “live life vibrantly,” taking the risks because this is how you grow.

Palin went on to explain she has been working with “intellectual, political commentaries” for 12 years. The reaction she got from that is nothing like what she got from The Masked Singer. Sarah says it was so positive and encouraging and she absolutely loved the experience. She told Cannon she felt blessed Fox had asked her to do it.

What is The Masked Singer?

The Masked Singer is a top-secret singing contest where celebrities face off against each other. They wear head-to-toe costumes which leave everyone guessing who the singer is behind that mask. All along the way, as the contestants try to keep people guessing, tiny clues are dropped throughout the show.

They eliminate one singer each week. Then, they reveal who is behind the mask. It was Sarah’s turn this week! Everyone likely remembers her failed run as Vice-President of the USA. Finding out Palin was rapping and dancing on stage behind the Bear mask was truly amazing.

Keep watching The Masked Singer on Fox on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET.

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