Brandi Passante Sizzles In Tantalizing Revealing Bikini Snap On Instagram

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Storage Wars queen Brandi Passante set Instagram on fire with a sexy bikini snap recently.

What has Brandi Passante been up to lately?

Brandi Passante, like everyone else, has been “bored in the house” while practicing social distancing. She has frequently shared social distancing and COVID-19 themed memes on her Instagram Stories. Brandi also made it clear she would be enjoying brunches and grabbing a drink with friends as soon as she was able to. Like the rest of the world, she is OVER being stuck at home.

As some of the U.S. starts to enjoy warmer weather, Brandi Passante let the “girls” out to play. And, she treated her very loyal Instagram following to a gorgeous snapshot.

The Storage Wars alum stripped down to a bikini on Instagram.

As we’ve previously reported, Brandi Passante is one of the more popular members of the Storage Wars cast. We suspect the popularity stems from her stunning good looks. In fact, Brandi is no stranger to creeps leaving rather disturbing messages in her inbox regarding her incredible figure. She, however, is not afraid to blast creeps who land in her inbox.

Still, the attention doesn’t seem to stop Passante from putting on a show for her followers.

Passante took to Instagram to share a sizzling snap of herself rocking a ruched pink colored bikini while soaking up the sun yesterday. The photo featured Brandi from just above the navel up. It put her toned abdomen and busty torso on display.

The undersized cups on her string bikini top also gave her followers a “peek-a-boo” glimpse of her bosom.

In the photo, Brandi Passante didn’t look too amused by the sunshine. She sported a black decorative sun hat. And, she had both of her hands pushing down the brim to completely cover her face.

Noticeably, she was sporting a pretty nice caramel tan without a tan line in sight.

Fans wonder if the caption of the photo was Brandi’s way of shutting down the creeps in her inbox before they even get started. “Shut your face!” She penned.

Her fans recognized the photo was going to attract creeps.

In a popular comment, one follower insists it was only a matter of time until people flood her with requests for her to show off her curvaceous bosom without the bikini.

Directly below the comment, an Instagram follower did just that…

You need to show them off more. They’re gorgeous.”

Going a different direction, another follower mentioned Jarrod. Instead of asking where he was or if they split up… The individual poked fun at Jarrod for getting a look at what he was missing out on.

“Eat your heart out Jarrod,” The individual jested.

Overall, the sexy bikini snap was more than well-received by Brandi Passante’s followers.

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  1. It’s to late this year, but how about a Brandi Calendar, twelve months of Hot Brandi would sell like hor cakes, fifty two would even be better

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