‘BIP’ Tanner Tolbert Talks Baby No. 3, Is A New Addition Coming Soon?

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert via Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise alums Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper have two adorable children. They have a daughter, Emmy and Son, Brooks. They are one of the successful couples who found love on the beaches of Mexico. But, with two children fairly close in age, are they ready for another baby to join their crew?

Tanner and Jade share thoughts on baby number 3

Having a baby is a big deal, having a third baby is an even bigger deal. Are Jade and Tanner ready for it? Is one on the way already? Well in short, no baby yet. However, they are talking about it. There is just one little problem. They don’t completely agree on having a third child.

US Weekly spoke with Tanner and Jade about their future baby plans. Tanner isn’t quite on board with having a another baby. Jade says she has always wanted three kids. She thinks their difference in thinking stems from how each of them were raised. There were three siblings in her household and only two in Tanner’s.

Tanner admits he is kind of on the fence about a third child. However, he says as time goes on he is moving more to her way of thinking. He said, “We’ve talked about it. I think Jade definitely wants one. I am on the fence. More and more as time goes on, I think I’m joining her side for like, ‘OK, a third would be kind of cool to have.”

Looking back to when their son Brooks was born, Tanner admits he had a difficult bonding. Tanner and Jade have always been brutally honest with fans. That is one reason why they are so loved in Bachelor Nation.


How does Jade feel about it all?

Jade admits her family isn’t quite complete without a third baby. She knows it will take come time to convince Tanner. And, while Jade knows she wants another, she also admits that maybe just a little bit down the road. She said, “If he wants a third, he wants to do it now and I’m like, ‘I don’t know.’ I feel like I need some time.”

Tanner followed up saying, “If we’re doing this, we’re doing this now. That’s my stipulation.”

Jade delivered their son Brooks in their closet at home. She didn’t have time to get to the hospital before he made his grand debut. Makes perfect sense why she might need a little time after going through that ordeal!

Whenever Tanner and Jade decide to add to their family, fans will be excited to once again follow their journey. Stay tuned for more details on Jade and Tanner.

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