’90 Day Fiance’: Emily Larina & Sasha Move Into A Bigger Place

90 Day Fiance Emily Larina

90 Day Fiance fans know that in late March, Emily Larina feared that Sasha contracted the coronavirus. Terribly sick, they awaited this test results. She felt very distressed at the time, as everything changed so quickly. Sasha got a new job and they planned on moving. But, it all got turned on its head with the quarantining and social distancing regulations.  But now, things look up. And, she announced that they finally move to a bigger place next month. Emily simply can’t wait.

90 Day Fiance star Sasha got better, and now they move to a bigger place, Emily says

TV Shows Ace reported that when they thought Sasha contracted the virus, Emily felt very distressed. Obviously concerned for Sasha, it felt like the last straw. The virus stopped Sasha’s new job and they put off their anticipated move. Luckily, Sasha got over his illness, which turned out something else. Now on the mend, he resumed his fitness and home-based workout routines on Instagram.

Emily looked after Sasha while he lay ill in bed. He self-isolated, and Emily also spent long hours keeping their son amused. Now, with Sasha better, and little David Alexandrovich Larin getting outdoors again, it seems Emilys in a much better place. The 90 Day Fiance star took to Instagram and shared a few cute photos of David outdoors on the grass. She said that she never saw a little boy so happy to see a patch of grass. Plus, she spoke about a bigger home.

Emily can’t wait for the move next month

The coronavirus meant that the new place they found happened via remote searching. In her post, Emily also talked about why she can’t wait to move. Her caption said, “I’ve never seen someone just so happy to be in the front yard.” Then, she noted that “Life just keeps going!” It certainly moved on from the dark place in March. Emily added, “After a lot of virtual hunting, we are going to be moving into a bigger place next month!”

Talking about little David, the 90 Day Fiance star said, “I can’t wait to design his room. He’ll have a whole new yard to play in.” Fans of the couple responded to her post. One of them said, “A genuinely happy face that we all need to see right now! He is just so sweet and so adorable! Congrats on your new place!”

Another one commented, “Oh how adorable is he!!!! Congratulations Emily. I’m so happy for you guys. Can’t wait to see his new bedroom. Lots of love ❤️.”


Many people commented on David’s happy smile. It looks like smiles really do heal the world during this dark time. And, other 90 Day Fiance fans loved that Emily’s little boy plays with a “rescue” pet toy. Do you hope Emily updates more after the move? Sound off in the comments below.

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