Exclusive Interview: Faruq Tauheed Talks ‘Roots Less Traveled,’ and ‘Battlebots’

Faruq Tauheed Roots Less Traveled

TV Shows Ace recently got the chance to speak to Faruq Tauheed of Roots Less Traveled and Battlebots. Of course, he is quarantined like the rest of us.

Faruq Tauheed explains Roots Less Traveled

The show Roots Less Traveled takes two family members who are not close for some reason. They could just live far apart or even have a disagreement. They take them and put them together. Then Faruq gets the chance to work with them to discover their roots. It’s a way for the family members to get closer to each other. Faruq Tauheed explained it as a “geological treasure hunt.”

This show is very emotional. Faruq explained that it is that way for the families, but also for him. He is spending a lot of time with these people while they discover their history.

As of right now, there is no word on Season 2 of Roots Less Traveled, but he is hoping for one.

Battlebots is totally different experience

The other show that Faruq Tauheed is working hard on right now He is hoping that this show will be back “sooner rather than later.” They were supposed to start filming back in April, but COVID-19 hit. Because of this, they had to stop working for a bit.

Faruq explained that Battlebots and Roots Less Traveled are totally different shows to work on. He has a blast on Battlebots with the destruction and he loves how personal the show Roots Less Traveled. He does “love them both.”

Right now, Faruq Tauheed is looking forward to getting back to these shows and also doing a bit of voiceover work.

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