Duggar Couples Talk Parenthood And Mother’s Day

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TLC shared a new video from the stars of Counting On. The network posted it to Facebook and the Counting On page on their website. In the video, several of the Duggar couples discuss parenthood and Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is right around the corner on Sunday, May 10.

The video features Ben and Jessa Seewald, Joe and Kendra Duggar, John and Abbie Duggar, and Josiah and Lauren Duggar. In the video, some of the dads talk about their wives adjusting to motherhood. It’s a special Mother’s Day for Lauren and Abbie as it’s their first.

Joe loves that his wife Kendra is always there for their kids. He says that Kendra has “been a great mom.”

Ben talks about his wife Jessa, saying that she has “little systems” that she uses to help them grow. He also calls her an “involved parent” because she reads books to the kids and takes them outside often. He says he’s “thankful for her.”

Abbie says her favorite part of being a mom is that she’s able to soothe and comfort Gracie if she’s crying or upset.

Josiah gushes over his wife Lauren and how much he loves seeing Lauren spend time with their daughter Bella. He’s excited to see Bella grow. Lauren reminds viewers that motherhood is “a gift.” She points out that she “cherishes” every day with her daughter.


How many kids do these Duggar couples have?

With 19 kids from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, it can be difficult for fans to keep up with everyone. Here’s a quick rundown of the kids that belong to the couples in the video:

  • Ben and Jessa Seewald: Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, Ivy, 11 months
  • Joe and Kendra Duggar: Garrett, 1, Addison, 6 months
  • Josiah and Lauren Duggar: Bella, 5 months
  • John and Abbie Duggar: Grace, 4 months

Of course, there are lots more children in the Duggar family. You can catch up here.

Will Counting On return TLC?

Right now, the fate of the Duggar family’s show is unknown. There has not been an announcement about a renewal or a cancellation. There were hints that the show was filming for another season, but there has not been a confirmation.

With most shows, filming is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. As stores, restaurants, and more are starting to open up, it’s possible that filming could resume soon. But, as mentioned, it’s still unknown whether Counting On will be back for another season.

In the meantime, it looks like there will be more videos from the stars of Counting On. TLC has been sharing these videos regularly to keep fans up to date amid the coronavirus and the show’s hiatus.

So, what do you think of the special Mother’s Day video? Leave a comment below.

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