‘Teen Mom OG’: Fans Slam Josh For Not Supporting Mackenzie McKee Who Feels Suicidal

Teen Mom OG Mackenzie Mckee and Josh

Teen Mom OG  fans grow increasingly concerned about Mackenzie McKee who struggles with her life after her mom Angie died. The current season revisits the passing of her mom who died from cancer late last year. MacKenzie struggles to come to terms with the death of her mom and shows all the signs of depression. But Josh won’t listen to her and walks away. Everyone knows that when people are not okay, its best to tell someone. Mackenzie tries, but Josh rebuffs her, despite her feeling suicidal.

Teen Mom OG – Mackenzie relives her mom’s death all over again in the MTV show

TV Shows Ace reported that fans could expect a lot about MacKenzie and her mom, Angie, this season. Fans loved her mom as well, and Mackenzie felt they should get an opportunity to see her mom one last time. While fans support her, it seems Josh doesn’t. While it’s obvious that Mackenzie tries to put across the positives about her mom, she struggles with depression. In fact, she seemingly can’t cope. Despite being a mom to her adorable kids, she still entertains the idea of suicide. While she says she won’t actually do it, the thought is still there.

Suicidal thoughts are a dangerous symptom. The Mayo Clinic explains that “talking about suicide — for example, making statements such as “I’m going to kill myself,” “I wish I were dead” or “I wish I hadn’t been born,” should always be taken seriously. These days, it’s becoming more evident that people in a bad place should feel that it’s okay to say they’re not okay. One example of that involved Jade Liz Roper. She’s not in the Teen Mom OG show and hails from Bravo’s Bachelor in Paradise. But she reached out to her husband Tanner, who responded to her depression, we reported last year. Mackenzie’s not so fortunate.

Josh won’t support Mackenzie, fans slam him for walking away

During the episode on May 5, Mackenzie tried talking to Josh, but he just expressed irritation that she even talked about suicide as she’s got kids. She tried explaining that it’s really important she talks about her feelings, but Josh walked away. Later, when she tried again, he still walked away, leaving Mackenzie in tears. In fact, her effort at reaching out left her emotionally in an even worse place. Eventually, Josh told her he loves her, but fans still got worked up about it.

On Twitter, fans of Teen Mom OG gave Josh a piece of their mind. They slammed him for not supporting Mackenzie when she so obviously needed him there for her. One follower wrote, “Man Josh is disgusting to me!! First he tells Mackenzie he doesn’t know why she’s crying…then she says he doesn’t like when she leans on him for support…then he walks away when she is literally in such a dark place and begging for help!”

Fans concerned for Mackenzie on Teen Mom OG

Plenty of other fans joined in condemning Josh’s attitude. One said, “Mackenzie is extra depressed because her number one support system just died and Josh is never going to give her the emotional support she needs. This is extra bad though. She’s got some other stuff going on.”

Do you agree that Josh really needs to step up and support Mackenzie? After all, suicide’s real and tragedy could come so easily. Do you feel that this really could be the worst time to walk away from a  conversation? Sound off in the comments below.

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