‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff Returns To The Farm, Delighted To See His Grandkids

LPBW Matt Roloff caryn Chandler

LPBW patriarch Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler went to Surprise in Arizona and ended up staying there when COVID-19 and quarantine arrived. Zach reminds fans that they stayed there since January. That’s a long time for grandkid-loving Matt to be away from the little ones. But now, Matt announced he got back to the farm. And, spent a wonderful time with his favorite little people.

LPBW stars Matt Roloff and Caryn home again on the farm

On Tuesday, Matt got onto Instagram and told his Little People, Big World fans that he finally made it back to the farm. Obviously careful, he didn’t just rush off to see his grandchildren again and took care to self-isolate. But, eventually, he got to spend time with them and shared his joy in his post. Fans of the show know that he dotes on Jackson and Ember, and the newcomers, Bode and Lilah.

He said, “I’ll always make it a priority to spend as much time as possible with these amazing children of Gods creation.” Plus, he noted that Ember and Jackson seemed delighted to spend time with their grandpa.

Matt shared a cute clip of him playing with Ember, who couldn’t conceal her happiness as she giggled and laughed. Actually, the fact he shared about Ember puts a lie to the troll who recently accused him of caring more about Jackson than the other grandkids.

TV Shows Ace reported that in late April, a fan trolled on him, saying, “I feel you show to much favoritism to Jackson and although you have other grandchildren.” Despite complaining and giving “dire” warnings about the outcome for Matt, the LPBW grandpa chided them in a kind and patient way. Obviously,  Matt missed all his grandchildren while away in Arizona.


Fans react to Matt and his reunion with the grandchildren

Zach told Monsters and Critics that Jackson’s become an expert at “FaceTiming.” So, Matt interacted with Ember and Jackson while in Arizona. But, it’s not the same as actually being with them. Fans on Instagram chipped in their vicarious happiness at seeing Matt playing with Ember. Here’s what some of those LPBW fans said to him:

  • “I love how sweet she is! Grandchildren are very precious… you get to see the world thru their eyes.. Spend all the time you can… they grow so fast!🌸💕🦋.”
  • “Omg…so adorable!!! I love how she says…it’s ok Grandpa, it’s ok…❤ God bless 🙏.”
  • “This is a tough one isn’t it? Glad you got to spend some quality time with the babes. I haven’t seen my 3 year old granddaughter since mid-February and it’s KILLING ME!”
  • “So glad you made home safe and it’s AWSOME to see you with the babies. It’s obvious they missed you and you them!!! Glad you and @carynchandler1 survived the quarantine…lol👍❤️.”
  • “She is the cutest everrrr Matt may god give you many many more years of happiness and health to enjoy ur grand babies.”


What did you think of the cute video Matt Roloff shared with his LPBW fans? Do you think Ember’s simply precious? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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