Jeff Eastin Wonders What Fans Miss Most About ‘White Collar’

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Jeff Eastin joins a fan in wondering what fans miss most about White Collar.

Executive producer and creator of White Collar, Jeff Eastin, has been pushing HARD for a reboot of the series. And, as we previously reported, both fans and core cast members are here for it.

Jeff Eastin continues to push the idea on Twitter.

Jeff Eastin has been pushing White Collar related content on Twitter for a period of time now. He has engaged in conversation about a reboot. He has shared stories related to a potential reboot. And, he has even praised White Collar fans for pushing so hard for the reboot to happen.

Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, and Willie Garson all noted on Twitter they were up for a reboot. So, if the reboot happens… Fans would get to enjoy Neal, Peter, and Mozzie once more!

Just yesterday, a fan questioned what people miss most about White Collar.

A little less than 22 hours ago, one fan of the USA crime drama posed an interesting question on Twitter. They pondered what fans missed most about the addictive show. The individual even posed a few possible ideas on what fans could miss most:

  • The way Neal and Peter solve crimes?
  • The friendships?
  • The characters?
  • Everything the series had to offer?

Jeff Eastin appears to be keeping up with White Collar related chatter on Twitter. In fact, he noticed the tweet wondering what fans missed most about White Collar. And, he responded to it.

So, did fans tell Jeff Eastin what they miss most about White Collar?

Those who responded to the topic of conversation had a lot to say on the subject.

One Twitter user noted there would be a lot of different points of view regarding what fans miss the most about the series. They, however, clarified that is not the important takeaway.

But we’re united in this: we want the gang back, some adventure, happy endings for all.”

A second Twitter user opted to chime in with a much more specific answer. They noted what they missed most was the relationship between Peter and El.

As those who have watched the series would agree, El and Peter did have a truly beautiful relationship. They shared the kind of relationship fans desire to see more of on television.

Could he be fishing for what a new season of the series would need?

Fans of White Collar remain hopeful and elated to see Jeff Eastin continuing to push White Collar on social media. But, could he be fishing for content and story line ideas for a potential reboot?

It is possible he’s interacting with posts just to keep the chatter about the series going. However, it is also possible he is looking to know more about what fans really miss and love about the series. Why? Well, to make sure the reboot satisfies the desires of fans. After all, satisfying the fans is an important step in making sure the reboot is successful.

Unfortunately, a reboot of White Collar has NOT been confirmed yet. But, fans remain hopeful! And, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a series rebooted after being cancelled several years prior.

So, what do you miss most about White Collar? Are you holding out hope for a reboot?

Allie Johnson


  1. One of my the smartest shows ever written ,produced ,acted – there was not one show which did not have something fascinating in it , a reboot limited edition whatever this was a win win for all of us , I was late coming to show and it holds up now and forever , A modern day To Catch a Thief. It is one for the ages thanks for great entertainment
    Tom (white Collar) Crotty

  2. Well written, well acted and well executed. Great sound track. A great story, well told.
    I, too, would like to see more!

    I watched it originally and really enjoyed the pacing and interaction of all the characters.
    Truly magical chemistry!

    I just finished watching all six seasons and was happy but not surprised it stood the test of time.


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