Where Can You Watch ‘Storage Wars’ Episodes Right Now?

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If you have cable, it isn’t too hard to turn on your television and find an episode of Storage Wars to watch. After all, there are A LOT of episodes of the show. It feels like it is almost always on TV. A lot of people, however, have cut the cord with cable. Why? Well, because cable bills are outrageous these days. TV and movie junkies can get a wider variety of stuff for cheaper simply by picking up a few streaming services.

Brandi Passante sparked Storage Wars vibes on Instagram recently.

Despite having an Instagram following of less than 200,000, Brandi Passante is one of the more popular Storage Wars cast members. She frequently trends on social media. Fans of Storage Wars yearn to keep in the loop about what is going on in her life. And, it certainly doesn’t hurt that she looks fabulous. Based on the comments in her Instagram post, her breathtaking good looks is certainly one of the reasons fans are drawn to her.

A week ago, Brandi Passante sent Storage Wars fans into a frenzy. She shared a snap of her rocking a blue jean skirt as she climbed into a packed storage unit. The photo was clearly a snap from an episode of Storage Wars. Brandi paired the blue jean skirt with a sleeveless red and white striped shirt. She twisted her head back at the camera with a serious smirk on her face as she rocked a pair of shades.

The combination of her tall strapped heels and her short blue jean dress put her lean, smooth legs on full display as well.


Storage Wars fans took notice of the photo as they showered it with over 21,000 likes. They certainly appreciated the view as well. Some fans even jested they recently watched the episode they believe the photo came from.

The photo certainly got a lot of fans wondering… Where could they turn to tune into episodes of Storage Wars while they are spending extra time at home because of COVID-19?

Where can you watch episodes of Storage Wars right now?

It is important to keep in mind that contracts change all the time in regards to streaming rights. So, depending on when this article was published in comparison to when you are reading it… The information may not still be true. It, however, is true at the time it was published.

There are 12 Seasons and 261 episodes of Storage Wars. Fortunately, A&E isn’t too greedy with letting fans of the show tune in. In fact, you can stream all of the episodes from every season FOR FREE via A&E’s website. Just visit the website, click “start streaming,” and browse for the episode you are interested in watching.

The first two Seasons of Storage Wars are also available FOR FREE via Tubi TV. While you can register for an account, you don’t have to in order to stream directly from the website. You do, however, have to turn your ad blocker off. Tubi TV offers free service thanks to the advertisements you will have to watch as well.


A few Seasons of Storage Wars are also available with an Amazon Prime membership via Amazon Video. Most of the Seasons, however, require you to purchase them as a whole or as individual episodes.

There are other versions of Storage Wars available on Amazon Video as well including Storage Wars: New YorkStorage Wars: Texas, and Storage Wars: Northern Treasures. Again, the content subscribers have access to without having to pay extra is fairly limited.

Storage Wars: Northern Treasures is available on Netflix

Storage Wars: Northern Treasures ran for two Seasons. It is essentially the Canadian version of Storage Wars. Both Seasons of this spin-off of the series are available for streaming via Netflix. Once you watch a few episodes, the cast is just as easy to fall in love with as the original Storage Wars cast.

Do they still make episodes of Storage Wars?

Last year, we reported on whether Storage Wars would return for a Season 13. Unfortunately, A&E never really gave fans a clear answer one way or the other. Based on current social media activity, most members of the original cast have moved on with their life. While the network could certainly revive the show… And, people would likely watch it. It might make more sense for the network to consider a spin-off. This would make it easier for them to overhaul the cast without fans of the original Storage Wars getting so upset.

If A&E released new episodes of Storage Wars or a spin-off series would you watch it? Sound off in the comments down below!

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  1. I personally do not like Brandi. She is so phony and full of herself and believes she can say and do things and no one questions it. I do not know what went on between her and Jerrod but it takes two to tango in most cases. Jarrod can be exasperating and childish sometimes but Brandi is condescending. So allowing her to return and not Jerrold would be a bad move for all.

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