Watch An Episode Of ‘Shameless’ LIVE With Shanola Hampton

Shanola Hampton Live Shameless Episode Instagram

Shanola Hampton is offering the opportunity to have a PJ party while watching a LIVE episode of Shameless with her.

Production of Shameless Season 11 is currently stalled.

As anyone with a TV or the internet knows… The United States has been on pause for over two months now. Many have been trapped at home with their children since the first week or so of March. As March progressed, more and more states and businesses shut down. Unfortunately, this did include the production of all TV shows and movies. As we previously reported, the cast of Shameless was supposed to start producing episodes of Season 11. In fact, we also expected Season 11 to premiere sometime during 2020.

While the United States is slowly starting to reopen… It is unclear when production of Shameless might pick back up. Making things worse, this also likely means Season 11 may not air until next year because of the delay.

For those feeling the Shameless blues… It appears Shanola Hampton (who has been with the cast since the first episode) wants to do something to cheer everyone up.

Shanola Hampton is taking over to watch a live episode with Shameless fans.

Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to slip into your pajamas and settling into a room with Shanola to watch an episode of Shameless. But, fans will have the opportunity to potentially have a conversation with her on social media while watching a live episode of Shameless.

Less than an hour ago, Shanola Hampton took to Instagram to make the announcement. She revealed she would be taking over the Showtime handle in honor of “Flash Back Friday.” She encouraged fans to join her for a “PJ Watch Party.”

Fans could join Shanola Hampton on Friday to watch Season 4, Episode 11 of Shameless.

What is Season 4, Episode 11 of Shameless?

Being that Shameless recently wrapped up airing episodes from Season 10, Season 4 might not be fresh in your memory. This episode of Shameless is titled “Emily.”

Here’s the official episode synopsis per IMDb:

Fiona is hauled away to a correctional facility as Frank wakes up from his operation. Ian crashes Mickey’s son’s christening, Amanda’s parents bribe Lip to stay away. Oh, and DCFS makes an unexpected visit.”

Unfortunately for those hoping to enjoy a little bit of Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) who isn’t in the show anymore… Season 4 of Shameless doesn’t exactly paint Fiona in the best light.

Fans are THRILLED by the opportunity to watch an episode LIVE with Shanola.

In an hour, fans flooded Shanola’s Instagram post. They left nearly 100 comments. And liked the post just shy of 5,000 times. There, however, appeared to be some confusion in the comments. It was unclear whether Shanola would be live on HER account or if she would actually be taking over the Showtime handle for the evening. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments:

  • “Sooo weird my birthday is 4/11 and the episode name is Emily… my name!”
  • “i’m so freakin excited.”
  • “Thank you so much for doing this. It’s getting me through this pandemic!”
  • “Love your Friday night PJ parties!!”

Unfortunately, Shameless does not appear to be on the schedule line-up for Friday per Showtime’s website. So, it is unclear as to when exactly Shanola Hampton plans on having this LIVE party. Perhaps she will be watching it on Instagram Live? Keep an eye on her Instagram for more information and tune in Friday night to hang out with her!

So, will you tune in to watch the episode of Shameless during Shanola Hampton’s LIVE PJ party?


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