Sarah Wayne Callies Teases ‘Prison Break’ Fans With Michael & Sara Snap

Prison Break Instagram Season 6

Would Sarah Wayne Callies be open to doing Prison Break Season 6? Her latest Instagram activity certainly has some thinking she would.

Sarah Wayne Callies recently sent Prison Break fans into a frenzy. Over the weekend she posted an adorable snapshot of herself and Wentworth Miller posing as their characters from the series. The photo featured the couple holding their baby. It was a beautiful photo of the Scofield family.

“Happy Sunday” Sarah penned in the caption as she included a sun emoji.

Sarah Wayne Callies has a massive following on Instagram.

Thanks to her roles in popular TV shows such as Prison Break and The Walking Dead… Sarah Wayne Callies has a pretty healthy following on Instagram. To date, she has a little over 1.6 million followers. So, it isn’t too surprising that in less than 48 hours her followers showered the Prison Break themed photo with just shy of 300,000 likes.

Even more unsurprisingly… Her followers flooded the comments with a similar topic of conversation. Did she have any information on Prison Break Season 6?

Unfortunately, despite some of her fans begging, it does not appear as if Sarah Wayne Callies interacted with any of the comments on her post.

Here are some of what her fans had to say in the comments of her Instagram post:

  • “Sarah, Do you still have contact with wentworth??”
  • “I just started watching prison break and my my, such a brilliant actress you are Sarah! Great show.”

Is Prison Break Season 6 ever going to happen?

Prison Break Season 6 is all fans of the FOX drama have been able to talk about lately. While it has been a few years since Season 5 aired on television, most of the core cast admit they’d be willing to come back for another Season.

Given Sarah Wayne Callies actively posts about Prison Break on social media from time to time… Fans assume she’d be willing to come back for another season of the series too.

Prison Break has a huge following and a unique timeline.

Technically, Prison Break was cancelled after a four season run. Season 4 of the series concluded on May 15, 2009. Nearly a decade later, however, the series was revived for a limited short Season. Season 5 premiered on April 4, 2017. Unfortunately, the series was never renewed for Season 6. The network, the writers, and many members of the core cast, however are open to the idea of reviving the series once more. In several interview, Wentworth Miller notes he would need the right story line to come back.

Three years later… Prison Break Season 6 is still a hot topic of conversation among fans. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 in the way, it is unlikely to be a possibility in the near future as the network hasn’t even given the green light yet.

Are you still holding out for another Season of Prison Break? Tell us about it in the comments down below!

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