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Source Tells All About Josiah Duggar’s Arranged Marriage

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Duggar fans know that the family adheres to strict, Christian values. So, “worldly” behaviors are a huge problem. The family doesn’t like “worldly” things and expects their kids to avoid those types of things too. The kids follow a specific set of rules. But, over the years, several of the kids have become known as the rebels of the family. For one, Jinger Vuolo moved to Los Angeles, California with her husband. Now, she wears pants, sleeveless shirts, and dyes her hair. These things aren’t rebellious by most standards, but they’re a big deal for this family.

Now, a source talks with The Hollywood Gossip and reveals that Jinger isn’t the only rebel in the family. Josiah Duggar also has some “rebellious” tendencies. THG‘s source is a former employee and close friend to the family. The source claims that Josiah was defiant growing up. He was hard for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to handle, so Jim Bob was in a hurry to find a spouse for Josiah. He wanted Josiah to get married and calm down. The insider says, “Josiah never followed the rules.” Then, the source adds, “He was already getting to like the outside world while he was still in his teens.”

Josiah Duggar’s previous courtship

In the Duggar family, the kids in their late teens enter courtships. They don’t date. Typically, they marry the first person they court. They don’t court a lot of different people. And the courtships and engagements are both really short, especially by society’s standards. Surprisingly, Josiah was actually in a courtship before he courted Lauren Swanson.

Josiah previously courted Marjorie Jackson for a little while. As Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal was brought to light in 2015, the two split. Some believe that the breakup and Josh’s scandal are related, as if Marjorie’s family didn’t want to get involved.

So, after that breakup, Josiah went on to court and later marry Lauren.

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Honey, Where do I start? From the beginning you have always been my best friend.👫 I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you.💗 You are the one who makes me laugh until my stomach hurts, the one who calls me beautiful even when I wake up with crazy bed hair, the one who loves me even when I don’t deserve it, the one who cares for my needs before your own. You push me to do greater and better things, and have always been that encouragement to point me towards Christ! 🙌🏼 God is so kind to have blessed me with such an amazing husband! I love you sweetheart-Happy Birthday!🎈🎂 Forever and always yours❤️😘-Lauren . . . Btw thank you @andyhendersonphotography you did an amazing job!

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Josiah and Lauren’s relationship and marriage

Jim Bob was quick to find another potential wife for Josiah. He chatted with Dwain Swanson, Lauren’s father, to come up with a plan. According to the source, Lauren did have some say in the relationship, but Josiah didn’t have a choice at all. The source says that the marriage happened when Dwain and Jim Bob talked. Apparently, Jim Bob said to Dwain, “We’ve got to do something about Josiah.”

The source talks about Josiah and Jim Bob, saying,”You’re gonna notice that [Josiah and Jim Bob] are gonna drift apart. Josiah has stuck with his dad only for the money. It’s all about money for Josiah. He’s crazy as a ran-over dog.”

Josiah and Lauren got married in 2018. Since then, they have welcomed a baby girl to their family. From what fans can see on social media, the two seem happy together. But, the source claims that things aren’t as good as they seem. The source says, “To be honest with, you I don’t look for that marriage to last.” The Duggar family doesn’t necessarily believe in divorce due to their religion. So, it’s unclear what exactly the source predicts will happen.

For more updates on the Duggar family, stay tuned.

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