‘Y&R’ Star Max Ehrich And Demi Lovato Flirt On Instagram

Y&R Max Ehrich & Demi Lovato Instagram

The Young and the Restless star Max Ehrich started dating Demi Lovato officially in March of 2020. Since then, the two have been spotted together in public. Singer Sam Smith noted during Andy Cohen’s radio show, “She [Demi] seems happy at the moment which is the most important thing.” Y&R‘s Max commented on some recent pictures of Demi on Instagram. Demi also commented on his posts, and the two exchanged some flirtatious words.

Demi’s Instagram posts

On Saturday, May 2, Demi posted a couple of selfies in her pool wearing a strapless swimsuit. The caption on her post begins with, “Swipe to see how I discovered the self-timer feature for taking pics.” Her photographer, Angelo Kritiko, and several fans left uplifting comments on the post. Several celebrities, including Ashley Graham and JoJo, also complimented Demi’s selfies.

Just a day before the swimsuit pictures, Demi posted a picture wearing rave goggles. Her caption indicates that she bought them out of boredom and only wears them by the pool. TikTok star Danielle Cohn and DJ Samantha Ronson commented on this post, along with several other celebrities and fans. Angelo commented, “Ommmmmmggg !!!” with two heart-eye emojis.


Y&R star Max’s comments

On Demi’s Saturday swimsuit post, Max dropped a heart-eye emoji. Fans had mixed reactions to this comment. Some are supportive of their relationship, saying, “Lucky man,” or, “love this reaction.” Others took a more negative stance, commenting, “we don’t like you,” and, “stay away from demi.”

Max’s comment on Demi’s goggle picture was a little vaguer. Rather than a typical heart emoji, he commented using the UFO emoji, the heart emoji, and the eye emoji. Again, fans took sides. One encouraging fan said, “Take care of her. Love you both,” with a kiss emoji. A different user commented, “GET A JOB AND STAY AWAY FROM HER.” One fan seems concerned for Demi, saying, “I’m not trying to say anything here but Demi has been with people who weren’t exactly her friends … and only used her.” It seems that some fans are opposed to Max and Demi’s relationship, while others are much more enthusiastic about it.

Demi’s comments on Max’s posts

Y&R star Max posted a selfie in a home recording studio on Sunday, May 3. Demi commented, “My favorite shirt,” with an emoji with a squinting face and tongue sticking out, to which Max responded, “My favorite person,” and a red heart emoji.

On another of Max’s selfies posted on Saturday, May 2, Demi commented, “The MOST handsome…” Max replied, “comin from the goddess of beauty I’ll take it. love you baby,” with a heart with an arrow through it.

Fans’ replies to Demi’s comments are much more positive than the ones to Max’s comments. Most included heart emojis or sweet messages.


Regardless of their fans’ opinions, Y&R‘s Max and Demi seem happy together. Based on recent social media posts, it appears that the two are quarantining together. Max posted selfies with Demi’s dog, Batman on Tuesday, April 28. He also posted pictures at Demi’s pool.

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