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‘White Collar’ Reboot? Matt Bomer, Creator, & Cast On Board

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It has been just over a decade since White Collar premiered on television and yet fans are still very open to a reboot. And, as it turns out, fans are not the only ones interested in USA (or perhaps a different network) picking up the series for another run.

Creator and executive producer Jeff Eastin sparked chatter about a White Collar reboot on Twitter.

It was on April 28th that Jeff Eastin revealed he was hard at work trying to make a White Collar reboot happen.  Shortly after, he also tweeted a snapshot of a fedora and an open hat box. He announced the fedora was just waiting for Neal to come out of retirement.

Both tweets very quickly attracted a lot of attention from fans. It became very clear that the show still had a massive following. Fans assured Jeff Eastin they were here for a White Collar reboot. They would absolutely tune in to watch another Season – or more – of the crime drama.

Fans of the USA series react to the possibility of a reboot.

It did not take long for some very convincing fan art to creep up with photos from White Collar and the words “Season 7.” The art itself actually caused many to believe the reboot was already a sure thing. Here is what some very excited fans had to say about the possibility of a reboot:

  • “Please bring Sara back, too. I need Neal and Sara to make it work this time. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! #WhiteCollar”
  • “I would love to see that back on the air. That was one of my most favorite shows.”
  • “In our crazy world, we could ALL use some Neal Caffery!!!!”
  • “Pleaseeee let this be so! I’m genuinely on my 7th re-watch of White Collar. I NEED to see one more big con in my life.”
  • “Don’t tease us @jeffeastin. We need Neal and Mozzie to come back.”

Overall, fans seemed to be extremely eager for the possibility of a reboot.

Notably, however, fans were not alone. Many members of the cast also joined the chatter. They, too, were also on board for a reboot.

Matt Bomer and several White Collar cast members are here for a reboot.

One of the most challenging aspects of any reboot is bringing the cast together. A reboot must be perfectly timed. It must work with the schedule of the various actors. It is not uncommon for scheduling issues to be the biggest downfall. That and just the interest of the cast. After all, if the core cast members are not interested in a reboot… It would not be able to happen. Fortunately, it does not appear as if cast interest is an issue. Many core members of the White Collar cast have joined in on the reboot chatter. And, they all seem to be here for it as well.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer is the one cast member the reboot really couldn’t happen without. After all, he’s the star of the show. Bomer plays the role of a charming white collar criminal named Neal Caffrey. Caffrey offers his unique expertise to FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) to help catch a like-minded criminal. Neal ultimately proves to be extremely useful. Being a white collar criminal that has never hurt anyone… The FBI decides to release Neal with strict guidelines so he can help Peter Burke solve cases and put away bad guys.

Bomer has retweeted several of Jeff Eastin’s tweets assuring fans that he would be very on board with a reboot. He, however, joked that it needed to happen soon. Why? Well, he was concerned Neal Caffrey would be looking too old to sport the fedora properly if the reboot was put off for too long!

Bomer’s fans on social media, however, quickly shot that joke down. They noted variations of “Matt Bomer aging like a fine wine.” They proceed to ensure him he would always look great as Neal Caffrey.

Fortunately, Matt Bomer wasn’t the only cast member to chime in. Several others admitted they were on board.

Tim DeKay

Tim DeKay – who plays the role of Peter Burke and one of Neal Caffrey’s best friends – is another cast member the reboot really needs. Peter started out as just the handler of Neal. But, he quickly became so much more than that. By the time the series ended… Burke was heartbroken when he thought Neal had passed away. He even named his child after Caffrey. DeKay responded to the tweet confirming he would be happy to revive Peter Burke for a reboot.

Willie Garson

Hearts of White Collar fans sank during the episode featuring Willie Garson (Mozzie) getting shot. Most fans of the series would agree a reboot really would not work without Mozzie by Neal’s side. After all, he’s the one who found Neal on the street and taught him how to be a white collar criminal.

Fortunately, Willie Garson made it clear he was never too old to slip back into the role of Mozzie.

Reboot to pay respect to June?

Sadly, there is one member of the White Collar cast who would not be able to grace fans screens. Diahann Carroll, who played the role of the beloved June, passed away in October of last year. She was 84 years old at the time of her death. Her passing, however, could give the series a story line to work from. Moreover, it could be a great way for the cast to pay their respects to her.

It goes without saying that Neal Caffrey would need a very good reason to come out of hiding and return to New York. The sad truth is the passing of June may just be a good enough reason. Neal bonded with June similar to the way a child would bond with his mother. So, it would make sense for him to risk everything to return to say goodbye to her.

This particular story line would also be a wonderful way for the cast of White Collar to include and pay respect to the late Diahann Carroll.

USA has not confirmed a reboot of the series.

Unfortunately, the White Collar reboot is nothing more than chatter at this time. But, all the right people are pushing for it. The best thing fans can do is continue to talk about the reboot so the higher ups know it is something people want.

Fans can also take comfort in knowing reboots are something that happen. Even for shows that have been off the air for an extended period of time. Fox rebooted a crime drama called Prison Break a few years ago. The series originally aired in 2005 for four seasons. Nearly a decade later, they brought all of the core cast members back for another season and a more satisfying ending.

Would you watch a White Collar reboot? Sound off in the comments down below!


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