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Duggar: Jeremy And Jinger Share Video Amid Backlash

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On Sunday, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo posted a new Instagram TV video. The IGTV video is the second part to a video they posted last week. In both videos, the couple plays Would You Rather? They take turns asking each other questions and answering them. Jinger and Jeremy sit together and go down their lists. In the past, they’ve shared Q&A videos too. So, this is something a little different.

The couple means for the videos to be fun and lighthearted. It’s a way they can entertain their followers and bring some joy amid the coronavirus. Typically, fans enjoy watching these videos from Jinger and Jeremy. But, the first video was not well-received.

Duggar fans bash Jeremy

In response to the first video, fans bashed Jeremy. They think that he’s controlling and rude to Jinger. This is because he questions every single one of her answers. Fans think he appears to be too argumentative. They dislike the video for that reason and say that it was hard for them to watch it.

This, along with a new Instagram photo from Jinger, got fans thinking that their marriage may not be in great shape. Though the couple isn’t going to publicly share their relationship details, some fans are certain that their relationship is unhealthy. One fan even told Jinger to get a divorce.

Jeremy and Jinger wait to post second video

When Jinger first shared part one of the video, the couple promised that part two would come on Friday. Well, Friday passed, and there was no part two. The couple didn’t post the second part until Sunday morning. It’s unclear what exactly happened here. It’s possible that the couple completely spaced posting the second part. There could have been issues with uploading it.

But, due to the backlash that the couple received on the first one, fans think they were hesitant to post the second one. The couple might have been thinking about not posting it at all. No one really knows what happened, and the couple likely won’t share the details.

Duggar fans don’t think the second video is better

Now that the second video is out, fans have watched it and don’t feel that it’s better than the first one. They think that Jeremy is just as argumentative in the second part. And, the comments section of the video is filled with comments that call out his “controlling” behavior. They don’t think that Jeremy allows Jinger to be her own person. One user even writes, “I have a question for Jeremy . Would you rather have a spouse that is her own person or one that is exactly like you?

So, what do you think of the second video? Share your thoughts below.

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