‘Teen Mom OG’: Amber Portwood Says Boyfriend Dimitri Ready To Visit Her In The States, Fans React

Amber Portwood

Teen Mom OG fans knew that Amber Portwood has a new boyfriend. Dimitri from Belgium emerged early in the new year as she demanded he got paid for being on the show. Now, in the new season, fans saw her saying what a nice guy he is. And, as he’s ready to join her in the USA, many people think for his own good, he should just stay away.

Teen Mom OG fans have long memories when it comes to Amber Portwood

TV Shows Ace reported soon after the new year, that Amber demanded payment for Dimitri to appear on the MTV show. But they remember lots of things about Amber. And quite frankly, many of them were shocked she remained on the show at all. After all, she went to prison for assaulting Gary. Plus, the allegations of domestic abuse by Andrew Glennon got backed up by audio. She broke probation, as well. So, when she demanded payment, some fans felt a bit shocked she felt she did that. After all, many people felt she should be canned by the network.

It got up the noses of Teen Mom OG fans that she demanded payment for him. After all, he’s not even American. The online guy is forty-something and allegedly has a family with kids in Belgium. Sources told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that he can’t really speak much English and the crew simply can’t understand what he says half the time.” Now, months later, whatever happened with his payments seems to have fallen away. The reality is MTV covers him in Amber’s storyline on Teen Mom OG, anyway.

Dimitri ready for the USA – fans seem a bit shocked

While some critics felt that Amber just got together with Dimitri as a way to stay relevant on the show, he’s probably about to make his appearance. In the latest episode, fans saw Amber talking about him. She said that the whole romance thing feels “really chill.” She also went on about what a “nice” guy he is and somehow she already feels his “chemistry.” So far, all fans really see of him is when Amber calls him up about coming to the USA. He sounds okay and admits he’s a bit nervous about it.

Well, previously Teen Mom OG fans saw that Amber said she “changed.” Only time might tell that. After all, she seems extensively abusive judging from previous relationships. On Twitter, fans seem shocked that Amber even considers dating again, never mind showing it off on television. One said, “Wait… Amber has the nerve to be dating?!!?”Another chipped in with, “Holy cr*p, any guy that dates Amber deserves what is coming to him when they break up.”

What do you think about Amber Portwood dating Dimitri on Teen Mom OG? Do you think he might regret his decision to come to the States? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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