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‘LPBW’: Tori Roloff Gushes Over Daughter Lilah

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On social media Wednesday, Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff shared a new post. The post features two pictures of herself with Lilah. It looks like the LPBW family is enjoying some time outdoors amid the coronavirus. Tori gushes over her five-month-old daughter, saying, “I mean… I seriously enjoy having a daughter. This girl has been so fun lately.

LPBW fans have no doubts that Tori loves her son Jackson as much as she loves Lilah. Jackson is nearly three years old. She often posts pictures and videos of Jackson too. But, this particular post is dedicated to Lilah, and fans think it’s adorable.

In a recent post, featuring a few pictures of Jackson, Tori says, “He has my heart forever.” In that post, she talks about how grown up Jackson is and about how she “can’t believe” he’s almost three. Fans think Tori does a good job of loving her kids equally. And, Zach talks about loving them no matter what. Both kids are diagnosed with dwarfism, but Zach doesn’t want that diagnosis to define them. Fans really admire Zach, Tori, and their little family.

Tori Roloff interacts with LPBW fans in the comments

With 1.4 million followers, it isn’t always possible for Tori to respond to every comment and message she receives. She’s got two kids, after all. So, she typically goes through the comments sections of her posts and responds to a handful of comments. It seems that her followers understand that answering every comment would be a full-time job.

In one comment, a fan asks about Jackson’s potty-training success. In a recent video, the LPBW family reveals that Jackson is potty-trained. But, that video doesn’t include any of the family’s secrets. In a comment, Tori credits “lots of patience and quarantine!

Another fan asks Tori about Lilah sleeping through the night. Tori reveals that things have gotten a lot easier. Lilah sleeps through the night “for the most part.” But, sometimes she wakes up and wants her pacifier. Tori is happy to share that Lilah doesn’t need to nurse during the night anymore, which helps the busy mom to get more rest.

In addition to asking these questions, LPBW fans are commenting and gushing over Lilah. They think she’s absolutely adorable. And, several point out that she looks just like her big brother.

Following Tori on Instagram allows fans to see what’s going on in the Roloff family members’ lives before those moments are filmed and aired. On LPBW, Tori is still pregnant with Lilah. In real time, Lilah is five months old.

So, what do you think of Tori’s sweet post about her daughter? Leave a comment below.

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