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Derick Dillard SLAMMED For Delivering Food With Family During Pandemic

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Unlike other members of the Duggar family, Derick Dillard has always been very open about how he earns money. In fact, he’s been a delivery driver for GrubHub for a while now. As we’ve previously reported, Jill and Derick’s Instagram activity confirm he is actively delivering food for GrubHub during the pandemic. He even took Jill and the kids with him recently to make deliveries. Duggar fans assume it was just a way to get the family out of the house for a period of time.

Duggar Snarks question Derick Dillard’s regard for his family’s safety.

The United States is currently in a national emergency. The COVID-19 pandemic has many staying home as much as possible. In fact, the government and health experts encourage people to only leave their homes when absolutely necessary. While Derick Dillard driving to deliver food to make money is considered necessary… Bringing his wife and his children along for the ride certainly isn’t.

As we previously reported, the weather also wasn’t great during the time Derick Dillard decided to bring his family along on a few delivery runs. He and Jill revealed during Instagram Live there were tornado warnings going off at the time. Still, he delivered food with his entire family in the vehicle with him. While fans of the Duggars wanted to praise Derick Dillard for doing what he had to so he could support his family… They were baffled and scratching their heads as to why he decided it was also a good idea to bring Jill and the boys. Was getting out of the house really worth being out during tornado weather and being potentially exposed to COVID-19?

Duggar Snarks share their thoughts.

Unsurprisingly a thread quickly surfaced on the DuggarSnark subreddit. One Reddit user jestingly asked if the children were also playing with knives in the backseat during this clearly unsafe family outing.

Here are some of the other comments Duggar Snarks made regarding the family outing:

  • “Once again proving that the Duggar’s are not exactly a shining beacon of safety standards.”
  • “Everything is wrong here, but who the f**k takes their preschool age children out for a drive in tornado weather? What the actual f**k? I have no clue how there hasn’t been a tragic child death in their family.”
  • “Jill however is a f**king stay at home mom. There is absolutely no excuse for this blatant idiocy whatsoever. Why is “stay the f**k home” such a hard concept for so many people to grasp?”

Some questioned how sanitary it was for so many people to ‘help’ him deliver food.

The concern on the Duggar Snark thread went far beyond the safety of Derick Dillard’s family. Some were more concerned with the food. Some took issue with so many people being in the vehicle with the food. Was that even sanitary? Was it even allowed?

Among the chatter, other GrubHub drivers have reassured that his family being in the car is not a violation of his contract. He just has to be the only one picking up, handling, and delivering the food.

One of the biggest issues some Duggar Snarks had seemed to be the children being in the car. Referring to them as “germ factories” some admitted they hoped there are never children in the vehicles delivering their own food when they order delivery.

Do you think Derick Dillard bringing his family along for the ride was irresponsible? Sound off down below.

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