Michelle And Jessa Duggar Talk About ‘Body Safety’

Duggar family on IBLP Instagram

The Duggar family is offering “body safety” advice. Jessa Seewald and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took part in a virtual family conference. This conference is through the Institute in Basic Life Principles. The IBLP is the religion that most of the family members belong to. During the Q&A session, Jessa asks her mom several questions about body safety. Though Jim Bob is present, Michelle has more to say than he does.

In the conference, Michelle talks about the kids’ protecting their bodies. She says that Jim Bob tells them their bodies are “a special gift.” That “gift” is for their future husbands or wives. Michelle also takes some time to talk about the “body safety” rules they’ve implemented. One of the eldest Duggar daughters made a “body safety” rules list, and Michelle reworked it a little bit. Now, it hangs in the family’s bathroom.

Michelle mentions the rules, saying, “You go to the restroom by yourself when you shower and you bathe, and you lock the door so that, you know, nobody accidentally walks in.”


The list also includes rules about modest dress. Fans of the Duggar family know that the kids are expected to dress modestly. Michelle says, “You don’t wear something low so that when you bend over, you’re going to play peekaboo. Or something that’s too short that’s going to, you know, reveal when you’re sitting down or whatever.”

The family discusses Internet safety too. There are many things on the Internet that Michelle and Jim Bob don’t want their kids to see. So, they choose to keep an eye on what their kids are doing online. Michelle and Jim Bob also ask their kids to come to them if needed. For example, Michelle says she wants the kids to come to her if they see anything that might lead them to “be tempted and stumble.”

In the family’s segment of the conference, they also discuss Christian sexuality and puberty. The entire conference is now on YouTube. Jessa Seewald and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar join the conference at the 16:50 mark.


Did the Duggar family put these rules into place because of Josh Duggar’s actions?

Many people recall hearing that Josh Duggar molested several young girls when he was a teenager. Two of them are his sisters, Jill and Jessa.

After the molestation news went public, Jim Bob talked to Fox News. He said, “We watched him like all the time, I took him to work with me. We just poured our life into him. Nothing ever happened like that again in the girls’ bedrooms after that.” Based on that quote, it seems like things did change in the Duggar home after Jim Bob and Michelle found out what Josh had done.

In the Q&A, Michelle doesn’t address when these rules were first implemented in the home. So, it’s possible that they were put into place as a result of Josh’s actions.

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