Duggar: Is This Snap Of Felicity Nicole Vuolo Unfortunate & Poorly Timed?

Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband Jeremy Vuolo decided to get out of the house with their daughter Felicity Nicole this weekend. According to video clips from their Instagram Story, they went out for some Thai food.

The Vuolo family seemed to be practicing social distancing while eating out.

While practicing social distancing, Jinger and Jeremy took their daughter out to eat. How? Well, they did go to a park. But, they were parked in the vehicle enjoying their food from inside of the car. This was opposed to having a picnic at the park or eating at the Thai food place itself. As they enjoyed their food, both Jinger and Jeremy noted there were “a lot” of people at the park that day. They also mentioned there did appear to be space between the various groups of people. So, perhaps, a lot of people went to the park to enjoy the nice weather while continuing to embrace social distancing.

The video clips featured little Felicity sitting in her mother’s lap while they enjoyed their meal. Jeremy was sitting in the driver seat eating from his plate of food. Felicity stuffed her mouth with what Jinger revealed was a spring roll. Jinger did reassure her Instagram followers she had food as well. She sat her plate on the dashboard so she could hold Felicity while she ate.

Followers found the photo Jinger shared of Felicity Vuolo baffling.

While fans of the family were happy to see Jinger and Jeremy finding ways to get out of the house while still practicing social distancing… Her followers found the photo Jinger and Jeremy shared of Felicity a bit perplexing. It featured Felicity Nicole with her head tossed back and a spring roll in her hand. She had already eaten most of the spring roll. Her mouth was gaping open revealing partially chewed up spring roll inside.

Felicity Vuolo Jinger Instagram

Felicity scrunched up her face. She appeared to be in the middle of laughing. And, her mouth was full when her parents toke the picture.

The photo featured the word “yum” animated as it appeared across the photo one letter at a time. Was this photo unfortunate and poorly timed? Her Instagram followers thought so. They couldn’t understand why… Why Jinger and Jeremy would look at the photo of their daughter? And, think that was the right photo to share with fans…

So, do you think this photo of Felicity Nicole Vuolo is unfortunate and poorly timed? Let us know in the comments down below!


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