‘LPBW’: Zach Roloff Reacts To Amy Roloff’s Engagement

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Little People, Big World fans know that Amy Roloff is planning to marry her boyfriend of three years, Chris Marek. The couple’s engagement was featured on the latest episode of LPBW. It aired on Tuesday, April 21. Right now, the couple plans on tying the knot sometime in 2021, but they still seem to be working it all out.

The focus on last Tuesday’s episode is the proposal. Amy reveals that Chris asked her dad for his blessing. Apparently, this is something that’s important to Amy. She really appreciates that Chris did this.

One of the major parts of Amy remarrying is telling her kids about the proposal. In the upcoming LPBW episode, she tells Zach that she’s going to marry Chris. Amy sits down with Zach and his pregnant wife, Tori Roloff. An exclusive preview from E! News features Amy breaking the news.

Zach and Tori react to engagement news

Amy starts by saying, “I’m engaged.” So, Tori responds, asking, “What?” Since Tori isn’t sure about this, Amy explains, “Chris proposed to me yesterday for our third-year anniversary. Well, you guys are shocked.” In response, Zach seems uncertain. He doesn’t seem to expect this big news yet.

The LPBW matriarch talks about their reactions in a confessional. She says that Zach’s reaction isn’t totally a surprise. She says, “I was surprised because I thought he would at least say congratulations or something like that. But I wasn’t surprised because I thought he may not be ready to hear news like this and it was literally a shock because nobody expected it.” She adds that she feels bad for surprising him and Tori like that.


Then, in a confessional, Zach says, “I told my mom and dad, ‘Hey, these are one things I don’t want to talk about on camera, my one out of bounds is your guys’ relationship and if that relationship goes anywhere else beyond where it is now.” He says that he doesn’t want these types of surprises to be on camera. So, he isn’t too happy with his mom. It’s not necessarily about the engagement.

He adds that he’s familiar with this because his family is on the show. But, as it turns out, he didn’t want this to happen on camera. He says, “There’s just been one thing that entire time that I’ve asked my parents to do with me in private and my mom couldn’t remember.”


What does LPBW star Zach Roloff think of Chris Marek?

Despite his awkward reaction, Zach does like Chris. In an interview, Zach talks about Chris, saying, “She has a companion that she will be with for probably the rest of her life. Chris is a great guy. We play board games together all the time and we just see eye to eye on a lot of things.”

So, what do you think of Zach’s reaction to Chris’s proposal to his mom? Leave a comment below.

The next episode of LPBW airs Tuesday, April 28 on TLC.

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