‘sMothered’ Season 2 Brings More Over-The-Top Mom And Daughter Codependence

sMothered season 2

sMothered returns for a second season on TLC in May this year. Last year, fans saw people like Cher and Dawn getting so close, Cher’s husband Jared felt really uncomfortable. They return again this year. Along with them, other old hands include Sunhe and Angelica and Kathy and Cristina. But plenty more over-the-top codependence comes with new cast members.

sMothered – more over-the-top moms and daughters added to the new season

Last year, fans saw some really out there relationships. While most people agree it’s nice when mom and daughter bond, some people take it way too far, fans think. One example, from last year, featured Cher and her mom Dawn. So close, Cher actually made Dawn’s day by gifting her a used pregnancy test. As it was complete with pee on it, fans got thoroughly disgusted. Meanwhile. TV Shows Ace reported that Jared, Cher’s husband felt the baby’s all about her family. He grew really angry when Cher agreed not to break the news to her mom before Jared’s family also heard about the baby. But, she broke her promise to her man. They come back again this season and that baby’s born.

Actually, Cheatsheet noted that the only people not back in the season are Sandra and Mariah. But, from the looks of it, the new sMothered cast might steal the show from people like Cher and her mom. Last season, fans saw that returnees Sunhe and Angelica shared the same bathwater. But this duo also showers together, taking it a step further. Naturally, her dad thinks it’s time she moved along and got a life of her own.

Reverse codependency rather sad

A new pair that comes to the show this season sounds rather sad. Here, there’s a reverse situation. Instead of the mom overly doting on her daughter, it’s the other way around. Cheatsheet noted that Sarah mothers her mom Laurie as she battles with health issues. Reluctant to marry and abandon her mom, Laurie pushes back. She wants a wedding while she’s still well enough to attend. While that rather sad scenario plays out, another pair probably should expect criticism from the audience.

sMothered, Season 2 brings Alena and Marcia. Despite looking like a child, Alena’s actually 21 years old. Unfortunately, she suffers from an enzyme deficiency. Mom’s on hand to tend to her every whim and need. But, she takes it a step way beyond “normal.” Her daughter wants a puppy, but Marica won’t allow it. Making up for it though, when she wakes her daughter in the morning, she licks her all over her face, just like a puppy would.

What do you think about the new cast members of sMothered? Do you think they seem even more over-the-top than the returning veterans? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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