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Michelle Money has a 15-year-old daughter, Brielle. Recently, The Bachelor alum has been sharing a lot about her daughter. This is because of her daughter’s tragic skateboarding accident. On March 29, Brielle was riding her skateboard in the neighborhood. She ended up having an accident, and some neighbors on a walk found her and called an ambulance.

As a result of the accident, Brielle was on life support. She has been in the hospital for nearly a month and was in a coma for part of the time. Michelle has been keeping her Instagram followers up to date on Brielle’s progress over the past month. Recently, Michelle told her followers she’d be taking a social media break to focus on Brielle’s recovery. So, Michelle’s ex, Ryan Money, shared a few updates.


Last time fans heard from Ryan, on April 22, he said that Brielle is walking and talking. He also said that Brielle is “crushing our expectations.” So, it definitely seems like things are looking up. And, now there’s a new update from Michelle.

Michelle Money says Brielle is released from the hospital

After nearly a month in the hospital, Brielle has been released. Michelle shared a couple of photos of Brielle in front of the hospital. She also shared one of the two of them together. Michelle calls Brielle’s accomplishments since waking up “mind blowing.” She’s impressed by how quickly Brielle is recovering. Of course, the family realizes that there is still a long road ahead of them. But, they are definitely happy with her progress.

Michelle Money adds that Brielle is progressing well as far as speech goes. She says, “Bri’s speech therapist told us that in the 6 years she has been working, she has never seen a kid recover as fast as Bri has. I am incredibly grateful for her speedy recovery yet I know we have a long road still ahead of us.” In her post, Michelle refers to Brielle as a “warrior” and a “fighter.” 


Michelle also takes the time to thank her followers for all of their love, support, and prayers during this time. The Bachelor fans and Bachelor Nation have been rallying around the Money family. The new Bachelorette Clare Crawley even left a comment on the most recent post, saying that her “heart is exploding.”

In her post, Michelle mentions that she is helping Brielle to understand everything that happened. But, Brielle doesn’t totally get it all yet. Michelle adds that it’s a lot for the family to process. And, as they plan to process it all at their own pace, Michelle asks for privacy. She closes her post by saying that she’s “looking forward to a new and beautiful life.”

In response to her post, Michelle’s followers are talking about how much of a miracle Brielle’s recovery is. They hope to hear about the rest of Brielle’s recovery when the family is ready to share about it. And, of course, they’re always here to support Michelle and Brielle.

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