‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Says Chris Getting Her Dad’s Blessing ‘Meant A Lot’

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As Little People, Big World fans probably know, Amy Roloff is engaged. She and her fiance Chris Marek will be getting married soon. As of right now, it looks like the wedding will be sometime in 2021. The two originally planned to get married in 2020. But, since Amy left the farm and moved to her own place, she doesn’t have the money left for a wedding this year. Nonetheless, LPBW fans are really happy for her. And, they look forward to her wedding, no matter when it happens.

Amy Roloff’s engagement featured on LPBW

On the most recent episode of LPBW, the engagement was featured. Ahead of the episode airing, Amy shared a couple of photos from the engagement. She seems pretty excited about it in the post. So, her followers were quick to leave her positive comments. And, once fans watched the episode, they were even happier.

In the comments section of her post, fans are leaving sweet comments about her and Chris. They love the engagement episode and look forward to the wedding. They also point out that Amy looks so happy in the pictures. LPBW fans were previously apprehensive about Chris, worrying about whether he was just in the relationship for the money. But, it seems like fans are coming around. They seem to like Chris, especially because he’s making Amy so happy.


Amy Roloff talks about Chris getting her dad’s blessing

Chris and Amy talked with Hollywood Life about the engagement. Amy mentions that Chris asked her dad for his blessing a while back. Amy says, “It meant a lot to me to know that he did that, and I was very glad that we got engaged before my mom passed away so that she felt great that her daughter is going be okay.”

Then, Chris talks about the ring he chose for Amy. He says that Amy is always looking for heart-shaped rocks when they go to beaches and rivers. So, this is something that’s obviously important to her. He says, “I wanted it to be unique, and I wanted her also to know that I was putting a lot of thought into it. She just really has a fascination for heart-shaped rocks.”

Then, he adds that he really hoped Amy would like the ring for that reason. Luckily, Amy loves the ring. The LPBW matriarch seems happy about both the engagement and the ring. And, now she and Chris are just waiting for their special day.

So, what do you think of Amy and Chris together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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