John And Abbie Duggar Show Off Grace’s Nursery

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John and Abbie Duggar recently became parents. They are loving every minute of it so far. The couple’s daughter, Grace Annette, was born in January. So, they are still adjusting to being new parents.

But, as TV Shows Ace reports, they are doing well so far. In a video from TLC, John mentions that Grace is getting to be a good sleeper. The Duggar family is full of people, but the couple is helping their daughter sleep through anything. They don’t want her to be tied to a schedule or a routine. They think it’s great that she’s getting used to sleeping anywhere.

TLC recently shared another video from John and Abbie. In this video, the Duggar couple talks about their daughter’s nursery. John is recording the video while Abbie holds Grace and shows fans around the nursery. Right now, Grace’s nursery is also the office and guest room.

Abbie says that Grace doesn’t really sleep in her room yet. Sometimes, Grace will nap in her crib. But, most of the time, she sleeps in John and Abbie’s room. Abbie also shows fans Grace’s bows and says that Grace “loves to wear bows.” She has quite the collection. Abbie also shows off Grace’s clothes and books. It’s a quick tour, but it gives Duggar fans a glimpse into John and Abbie’s lives as parents.

TLC has shared several recent videos from the family while Counting On isn’t airing new episodes. They also shared a video of Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s baby Bella’s nursery. Perhaps this is one way to keep Counting On fans entertained until a new season starts.

Will the Duggar family be back for another season of Counting On?

As of right now, Counting On hasn’t been renewed. It’s unclear what the fate of the show may be. There’s some speculation that it’s coming back. As TV Shows Ace reports, Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo previously gave a hint that the show was filming. The camera crew was with them in Los Angeles, California, which is where the couple currently lives.

But, other speculation comes about the show’s cancellation. Over the past couple years, members of the Duggar family have become more active on social media. Some are even kicking off their own YouTube channels. So, this is potentially directing fans away from Counting On and toward the family members’ social media. This could have an impact on future numbers, affecting the show’s renewal.

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