‘Couples Couch’ Keeps Candid, Says Goodbye to ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 10 Disunion

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Couples Couch came together for the last council for the Married at First Sight Season 10 couples, and of course, the drama never stopped.   Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico, Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre, and Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson all tried to roll with the punches during the Season 10 couples reunion episode this week, and no one was reserved in their reactions on the April 23 Couples Couch.

‘Couples Couch’ can’t be surprised about Katie and Derek

At their start, Katie and Derek were one of the couples that the veterans on Couples Couch and Married at First Sight fans believed had a shot.  Everyone remembers when Katie confessed: “He’s making me feel some kind of way,” referring to her new groom.  They didn’t wait to consummate their vows. Sadly, however, by the second episode, a third-party joined the union.  Katie confessed that she still had feelings for her ex-love, and almost decided not to go through with her Married at First Sight commitment.

Derek’s devotion and passion seemed to win his bride over, no matter how she insisted that he took no “initiative.”  He also proved his seriousness by putting Katie on his health insurance at work– that’s love in action.  Nonetheless, Derek revealed to Couples Couch and the world that Katie had an affair with her said ex, and, according to sources within their Married at First Sight circle, more than once.

Time for Katie to come clean

Kevin Frazier pushed, but Katie insisted that she was not “with” the former beau– only needing the missing physical connection in her life.  She tried to turn the blame for her indiscretion on Derek.

Katie bemoaned that her husband was working too much and not “winning her over” enough.  Shouldn’t her role now be more about being a wife that remembering how to be the “hottie” girlfriend?  Derek explained how he set aside every Thursday at home to cook dinner and be together. He also gave KDE the early Christmas gift of some fancy sheets she wanted.

The Couples Couch erupted. After hearing Katie’s weak reciprocal efforts, Beth Bice wondered aloud “What did you do? I was there, I hung around, I took the presents.”  Jamie Otis didn’t find a fault there—“ I like presents, too,” she interjected.  The timing of Katie’s decision to separate while she was enjoying the concert gift from Derek for their one-month anniversary gave everyone reason to balk.

“I tried to like her,” Jamie said, “but I couldn’t get there.”  “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!” proclaimed Shawniece.  Jephte said that the one thing Derek might miss was Katie in a low-cut, short dress like she wore to the occasion.  Fans are flooding social media, certain that he can find someone to last forever.

Jessica and Austin shine bliss and bright hope

Smiles shined from Couples Couch just to see Jessica and Austin smiling so genuinely and holding hands as they took their seats.  The only pair who truly committed to the Married at First Sight purpose and process throughout the season didn’t need to speak the words, but everyone on their sofas was elated to hear that the two were still married and very much in love five months along.

Austin admitted that the travel required for his work was “part of every week for about 3 months” and it was harder on the devoted groom than he expected.  Jessica admitted that she had learned how “absence makes the heart grow fonder” really was true. The reflection really pleased Shawniece.  They moved past that hurdle and enjoyed holiday time with both families. The blissful couple is sticking with their “two or three in two or three” plans regarding children.  They want to focus on each other and getting a dog first.  Jamie and Beth couldn’t say “aww” or “cute” enough. The same joy was heard throughout Couples Couch.

Best dressed doesn’t mean best wed

Meka and Michael were probably the best-dressed return couple of the night, but Couples Couch noticed that nothing had changed in the lack of connection between the two.  Meka remarked how she “still can’t believe what I went through” in the marriage.  Michael still didn’t give full accountability for the “inconsistencies” he expressed, as Kevin Frazier prompted.  He did sincerely say “I could’ve been a better man,” and Jamie gave him credit.  Anthony couldn’t get over how Meka couldn’t give one positive “best thing” about her husband.  “I’m thinking…” she had to say to Frazier.

Kevin Frazier had his work cut out for him during the reunion show with Michael.  Michael’s stormed off when the host persisted in asking him to present Brandon’s side of the story with Taylor, which of course, was a whopper.  The Couples Couch was understanding of his predicament, but also found humor in asking the man with the most struggles with the truth to give statements.

Kevin Frazier literally stood up when Michael centered the issues on race.  Frazier commented behind closed doors how Brandon “showed his a**” with his terrible behavior, and no one in the African-American community needs that kind of accentuation.  Michael returned, with no further questions about Brandon.  Anthony playfully teased that he wanted to see the a** everyone was mentioning.

Taylor still takes no accountability

Taylor Dunklin came out alone on the reunion show, and for good reason.  Kevin Frazier revealed that both she and Brandon Reid have protective orders against one another, with distance specifications included.  The host also disclosed that both Brandon and Taylor spent time in jail after an off-camera altercation after the Married at First Sight season. Couples Couch was not surprised by the feuding between the two, but serving jail time takes it to another level.

Taylor’s side of the story is that she and a friend who is more than a friend went on a night of bar-hopping and ended up in a bar where Brandon used to work.  She claims that Brandon followed her, trying to take photos and that she tried to “talk to him” asking him to stop.  Why would she allow herself to be there? Why would she not just flee as soon as possible, no going back?” These two are oil and water who can’t keep from trying to be dressing.

Brandon’s account was that Taylor pushed him, then accused him of assault.  He cited photographic evidence.

Kevin asked Taylor to own up to the Instagram post, and she still deflected, denying that it did any harm.  Doug Hehner is a softy for Taylor, and declared “she tried.”  Most fans and many on Couples Couch don’t trust her motives or her tears as any more true than her former husband.

More betrayal between Zach and Mindy

Beth chimed in, asking, “Can we ask Michael if he has a job?” before Mindy and Zach came out.  Never mind about that, Mindy wasn’t in a mood for an apology from Zach.  She didn’t explain how the Season 10 wives took a whim to tattoo the word “ten” on their fingers as a remembrance.  Couples Couch joked about anyone wanting to remember Season 10.

“Zach’s trying to be a professor,” Anthony quipped of the hair-obsessed fitness trainer.  Zach Justice related how he just didn’t think back to his glowing vows when he encountered his lack of attraction for Mindy.  What’s the point of vows, then? He still is a professor in talking in circles, as he did again with Kevin Frazier.  “What the hell are you talking about?” retorted the host.

Kevin Frazier also called Zach out on saying that he “checked out” of his marriage.  “You never checked in!” stressed the emcee, to rounds of applause from Couples Couch.  There was no wiggle room here, and Beth Bice was cheering to the ceiling when Mindy’s friend, Shanne, came out for support.  The ally made it clear that Lindsay thought that Zach believed that she was a better match for him and that he would be spending time with her.  Jamie Otis never hides her girl crush on Mindy.

Not even Couples Couch could guess the last stab of the night.  Katie confessed that she and Zach “met for drinks” but it was “before anything aired” of the season.  Katie claims Zach was the instigator. The distrust and dysfunction of Season 10 this never seems to end. The New York Post reported on the dismal side of the season on April 22.

Love can still last

The aim of Married at First Sight once was about true, committed marriage.  Judging from the previews of Season 11, it seems the reality show is opting for mess over matrimony again.  I hope that the experts will invest time and energy into the motives of candidates, not just whether matches will make high ratings.

Saving hope again, Austin presented Jessica with a ring, representing “forever together.”  Tears of joy flowed from their set to the Couples Couch.  The moment was sealed with a kiss and millions of Married at First Sight fans hope that the show will return to pursuing real love instead of trying to compete with 90-Day Fiancée.

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