‘The Masked Singer’ Is Heading To Free Streaming Site, Tubi

The Masked Singer

If you enjoy The Masked Singer, there’s some excellent news. As well as airing on FOX, the series will be available to stream on Tubi.

Deadline shares that the first two seasons will be added straight to the free streaming service. Yes, this streaming service is completely free… Paid for through advertisements. The third season will be added slowly.

FOX’s Own Streaming Service

Tubi had already started to make a name for itself, but on April 20, FOX finally got into the streaming game by acquiring the service. It paid $440 million for the streamer. It’s not surprising that its No. 1 series is going to be the first to head to the free streamer. The first two seasons will be available as of April 23.

Fans of The Masked Singer can now re-watch every moment of the previous two seasons. This is excellent for those who never got to watch the first seasons as their aired on the screen. After all, many watched partway through after hearing about the success of the show. Those who watched from the beginning can re-watch the reveals one episode to the next.

This deal gives FOX the chance to test out the waters of streaming services. There are currently 20,000 movies on Tubi, but that can grow with the FOX deal. We will also likely see more TV shows added, especially when it comes to the FOX series. However, The Simpsons may not be one as it has a home on Disney Plus.

The Masked Singer Season 3 Will Come to Tubi

At first, it will only be the first two seasons on the free streaming service. The Masked Singer Season 3 currently airs on Hulu the day after new episodes. Fans can also catch up on FOX Now. Eventually, the Season 3 episodes will air on Tubi, but it will probably take a week or so per episode.

Tubi’s growth in recent years has been incredible. It currently boasts 25 million users. Due to it being free but offering ads, it helps to bridge a gap for advertisers and cord-cutters. Networks now have a way to get into the streaming wars without disrupting relationships with advertisers. There is also the chance that shows with poor live ratings could survive on these ad-supported streaming services. The Masked Singer is the guinea pig for FOX.

What do you think about FOX getting into the streaming game? Will you watch The Masked Singer Seasons 1 and 2 on Tubi? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Masked Singer Season 3 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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