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MTV’s ‘The Challenge’: Was It Cheating Or Normal Game Play?

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Every elimination on The Challenge on MTV gets fans talking about something. Week one it was about the twist that TJ sprung on us. The second episode had us talking about Dee not taking Jenn out herself in purgatory. Week three it was Jay’s surprising win against one of the best vets to ever play the game. This week the topic of conversation is, did Dee cheat in order to eliminate Ashley?

After last night’s elimination on The Challenge on MTV, social media erupted with fans on both sides of the argument. You would think that after 35 seasons of the show, things like this wouldn’t surprise anyone. However, here we are talking about whether Dee’s win against Ashley should have been allowed.

What you missed on The Challenge on MTV

Aneesa, Kaycee, Big T, Bear, and Bananas won last night’s challenge and formed the tribunal. Bear decided to show off for Kailah, which turned into a lot of drama and fighting in the house. Ashley flipped out on Bear after his failed attempt in being funny. Mattie then made a snarky comment that got Ashley all worked up. Ashley makes another low-blow comment to Mattie that rubs everyone the wrong way. This puts a giant target on her back and Ashley is unanimously voted into elimination.

The tribunal interrogates Tori, Dee, and Mattie. Tori told them that she would be okay with going into purgatory against Ashley if it was a physical challenge. She isn’t good at puzzles and admits that. They ask her who she thinks should go in against Ashley if it’s a puzzle. Tori mentions how Dee is strong with puzzles. Adding that Dee even beat her in a puzzle challenge. Mattie flat out doesn’t want to go in yet but tells the tribunal that if it’s her time, then it’s her time.

All the contestants are called down to purgatory and TJ calls Ashley down. TJ then gives Big T, Aneesa, and Kaycee a chance to claim a spot against Ashley. When none of them step up, all five of them vote to send Dee in.

It is a puzzle challenge that involves them spinning a wheel with symbols on it. They then must smash pots to find tiles with the same symbol on them. The back of the tiles have names of past seasons of The Challenge on MTV. In order to win the challenge, they must put them in chronological order.

Controversial Win?

This is an easy enough task for someone who has seen the US seasons of The Challenge. Problem is… Dee is from Australia and has never seen any of the US seasons. This means that Dee is at a serious disadvantage, but no one wants to see Ashley come back because they all voted her in there. However, Dee is not well-liked in the house either, so not many people would be upset to see her go either.

Dee is the first to get all her tiles, but struggles to put them in order. This gives Ashley a shot at catching up. Wes doesn’t like this idea and decides to help Dee put her seasons in order. Ultimately, Wes, I mean, Dee, wins the elimination challenge and Ashley is sent home.

Do you think is cheating? Or, is it just par for the course for The Challenge on MTV?

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