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‘Sister Wives:’ Janelle Explains Kody Brown’s Pet Name For Robyn

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Sister Wives fans recently noticed Kody Brown only seems to have a pet name for one of his wives.

Have you ever wondered what Meri, Janelle, and Christine thought about Robyn being Kody Brown’s favorite wife? Most Sister Wives fans have been curious too.

Sister Wives fans assume Robyn is Kody Brown’s favorite

Fans of the TLC series assume Robyn Brown is Kody’s favorite wife. Noticeably, he seems to be more affectionate with her compared to Meri, Janelle, or Christine. Moreover, there is no denying he divorced Meri. He divorced her, legally, so he could marry Robyn. He married Robyn to adopt her three children from a different marriage.

With all of this in mind… Fans were a little flabbergasted when Kody and Robyn got into so many arguments in Season 14. We watched them argue over moving. And, we watched them argue over whether to buy or rent. It was the bulk of Season 14. Most Sister Wives fans found it extremely disappointing.

During the Season Finale… Sister Wives fans called attention to a pet name. A pet name Kody used for Robyn. Fans suggested the pet name proved he cared for Robyn more than the others. Janelle Brown, however, wasn’t having it.

Sister Wives fans called attention to Kody’s favoritism of Robyn all season.

During Season 14, fans noticed just how much Kody Brown seemed to favor Robyn over his other wives. There was so much more affection. Sure, they did fight a lot this season. But, fans also felt a bond between the two that he didn’t have with his other wives.

In addition to picking up on Kody preferring Robyn to his other wives… Twitter users quickly noticed Kody also had a pet name for Robyn. The issue? Well, he didn’t seem to have a pet name for any of his other wives… Just her.

Another fan agreed: “Does anyone else notice Kody calls Robyn ‘Love’ and doesn’t call any of the other wives that?”

Janelle responded to fans questions about pet names.

During the Season Finale of Sister Wives, one fan tweeted at Janelle Brown directly. They questioned why Kody had a pet name for Robyn… But, didn’t seem to have one for anyone else.

As those who follow Janelle know… She is always quick to defend her marriage to Kody Brown. She is quick to defend polygamy. And, she is quick to defend the Brown family entirely. This is perhaps more true of her than her sister wives. Unsurprisingly, this moment on Twitter was no exception. She was quick to put the Sister Wives Twitter user in their place.

Janelle noted that Kody Brown did have a nickname for her as well. She claimed that he called her “sweetheart.” Furthermore, she added that she was not a fan of Robyn’s pet name. In fact, she admitted she’d have an issue with being called “love” all the time.

From Janelle’s point of view, Kody Brown just has a different nickname for each of his wives. Moreover, she doesn’t see this as a sign of favoritism. Just as they have different names… They have different pet names. To her, it just makes sense.

Sister Wives fans were not feeling Janelle’s response to the pet name question

Turns out, a lot of those following Janelle were not feeling her Tweet. In fact, many claimed they didn’t believe it to be true. They just believed she was trying to defend her marriage. Moreover, they noted that no one would ever have an issue being called “love.”

Janelle, however, did have some support. Some individuals noted that a different affectionate name for each wife made sense. After all, each marriage was likely a little different.

Another individual questioned how confusing four pet names might be. Did he ever get them mixed up?

Regardless, Janelle shut down any implications that she had a reason to be unhappy in her marriage.

So, do you think Kody Brown has a unique pet name for each of his wives? And, do you think he favors Robyn Brown? Tell us about it in the comments!

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