Jana Duggar Mocked For Baring Her Knees In Latest Instagram Photo

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Jana Duggar has fans talking with her latest photo. Everyone knows the Duggar family has strict rules, especially when it comes to modesty. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have a list of rules on how their daughters should dress. Their daughters follow them until they marry and move out of the home. The role then switches from their father to their husband.

Most of their daughters have broken away from the family. They even changed their style. However, Jana Duggar, who is currently single, is still living under her parents’ roof. Counting On fans mocked her for baring her knees in her latest Instagram post.

This Duggar daughter just showed her knees – and fans are freaking out

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Jana Juggar lives at home with her parents. While that’s normal since most millennials still live with their parents, it’s unusual for the Duggar family. Most of their daughters typically marry at a young age. But Jana doesn’t still mind living at home, even though she’s 30 years old.


That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s still listening to her parents. She posted a photo that shows her tending to her garden. Counting On fans on Reddit couldn’t believe that Jana Duggar showed her knees. Here are some of the comments that fans wrote:

  • “I see knees!!!!! I am SEVERELY defrauded.”
  • “Has she ever worn a skirt or dress without pants before? This is shocking!”
  • “I saw this and audibly gasped.”
  • “This is from the girl who photoshops longer skirts on others,” one Counting On fan said, referring to Jana’s Photoshop goof from a while ago.

This isn’t the first time that Counting On fans mocked Jana for her sense of style. Fans previously took to Reddit to discuss the following photo of her volunteering in Arkansas. Some fans thought her skirt was inappropriate, while others were shocked to see how tight-fitting the skirt was. This led to quite an interesting discussion on the Reddit thread.


Jana Duggar and her sisters could only wear long skirts

Jana Duggar didn’t always wear such short skirts. Michelle and Jim Bob would only allow their daughters to wear long skirts or dresses. They also did not allow them to wear pants or tops without sleeves. If the dress or skirt was too short, their daughters would have to wear pants underneath it.

This could become a problem for Jana in the future. If she remains single, then she may never outgrow her parents’ rules. Michelle and Jim Bob’s strict rules apply to anyone who lives under their roof. While Jana seems happy with not being married, she could use some freedom in her life. But her latest Instagram post proves that her parents finally realize she’s an adult woman.

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