‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber’s Mom Dances On TikTok, Peter Says She’s ‘Savage’

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The Bachelor fans already know that Peter Weber’s mom acts quite “savage” at times. Not only did she diss Madison on national television, but she sang Leaving on a Jet Plane after Peter and Madison split. Now she joined TikTok and shared a clip on her son’s Instagram. Peter agreed that his mom’s “savage.” But fans know he still loves her and supports her.

The Bachelor – ‘Savage’ Barb, Peter Weber’s mom joins TikTok

TV Shows Ace reported that after Barb dissed badly on Madison in the last episodes of the last season, she then took to her Instagram. It came just days after the ending where Peter hoped he and Madison could make a go of things. That’s despite Madison dumping him over the Fantasy Suites. Recall, she didn’t like that Peter slipped between the sheets with other contestants. Few people predicted they would last as a couple. And, sure enough, they split very quickly.

With savage timing, Barb then got together with friends and sang Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver. Fans asked her if she dissed Madison much. Actually, it didn’t go down very well. At the time, fans hated on Barb big time. After all, she got all emotional because Peter didn’t choose the person she wanted. They felt Peter should man up and tell his mom to let him make his own choices. Anyway, it all ended up inconclusive. Many The Bachelor fans felt Barb was the driving force behind that. Now she’s on TikTok and seemingly celebrates her “savage” reputation.


TikTok – Peter agrees his mom’s “savage”

Monsters and Critics spotted a video from TikTok that Barb shared with her son Peter. She and Peter started sharing various TikToks of herself dancing. It looks like the family loves music and dance. Back in March, fans urged Peter to teach his mom more about dance and making videos. In a video on March 21, Peter and his mom danced together. One fan said, “@pilot_pete you should make a tutorial on tiktok. Your dancing is fire 🔥 😁 and mommy Barb should join. You guys are literally the cutest family ❤️.” And that goes to show that not everyone hates Barbs Weber.

Anyway, a new TikTok that Monsters and Critics spotted showed that she danced, and mimicked “where she called herself savage.” Then her “husband [walked] into the frame, saying she’s not savage, as she’s a wife and mother.” Briefly acting like she’s pondering that thought, she resumed her “savage dance.” The Bachelor alum commented in an overlay, “Barb The Savage.” But, fans know he still loves her. Early after the ABC show ended, he told his followers he felt his mom just looked after his best interests.

The bachelor Barbs Weber
Pilot Pete Instagram via Monsters and Critics

Peter and Kelley Flanagan from The Bachelor

It looks like the son and mother still enjoy a fun relationship. At the moment, The Bachelor fans speculate about Peter and Kelley Flanagan. From Instagram, fans heard that he and Kelley, along with Peter’s friend Dustin Kendrick spend time together during the COVID-19 quarantine. Presumably “Savage Barb” approves.

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