’90 Day Fiance’: Stephanie Matto Won’t Return To The TLC Franchise

90 Day Fiance Stephanie Matto

90 Day Fiance fans really looked forward to Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens on Before The 90 Days. The first-ever same-gender couple really brought something new to the TLC show, fans thought. But, it trended slowly towards disappointment. Actually, a lot of people believed Stephanie just went on the show to boost her career. And, they think she never did it for love. Now, it seems Stephanie regrets ever going on the show, and said she probably won’t feature on the franchise again.

90 Day Fiance – Stephanie Matto gets the heat with her showbiz appearances

TV Shows Ace noted that Stephanie claimed she feared “coming out” to her mom. But later, fans saw she posted up a video on her YouTube years before, about her first same-gender encounter. So, fans wondered how real her story is about Erika Owens being her first lesbian affair. Then, news emerged she also has experience in reality TV and acting. So, naturally, fans think Stephanie’s just on the show to boost her career.

Actually, the fact that Stephanie acted a role in a so-called reality TV show, Judge Judy took people aback. But, skeptics reason that if Stephanie “acted” in a “reality” show before, why not use that experience on 90 Day Fiance? Starcasm also revealed that Stephanie featured in Nickelodeon’s comedy skit series All That, at the age of 13. Plus, she allegedly landed a role in the 2009 movie, She’s Got It. But now, Stephanie claims she regrets doing the show on TLC. So, maybe she really didn’t go on the show just for her resume.

Stephanie’s so upset with the show she claims she won’t return to the franchise

According to Monsters and critics, Stephanie answered some questions on her Instagram Q&A. In that, people asked her about going on the show. One fan asked her, “If you could go back would you publicize your relationship on 90 day?'” Sounding unenthusiastic, Stephanie replied, saying that she “would definitely rethink it.” And she added rather ruefully, ” it’s too late now.” Then, another fan asked her if she plans on appearing in a future season of the TLC franchise. But it looks clear that she won’t do that. In her reply, Stephanie said, “Personally, no.” She felt it an “interesting experience,” but “not good for maintaining a healthy relationship.”

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On the subject of a “healthy relationship,” many 90 Day Fiance fans think Erika and Stephanie never worked out in the long run, anyway. There’s few bits and pieces about where they actually stand today, on either of their social media platforms. What do you think about Stephanie suggesting she won’t feature on the franchise again? Do you think maybe she went on the show for real love, after all? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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