‘LPBW’ Fans Beg Amy Roloff To Wear A Mask

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is taking the heat. On Saturday, she shared a selfie featuring herself and her fiance. She and her fiance Chris Marek are picking up carryout in the photo. They stopped at a local pizza place. The TLC star and her fiance are standing outside with their pizza. Amy uses this post to encourage LPBW fans to support small businesses. She writes, “Can’t wait to get back to some sort of normal and go here and have great food and listen to music again. One day soon. In the meantime – ♥️

While her focus is on small businesses, her social media followers took note of something else. In the photo, Amy isn’t wearing any type of protective gear. She isn’t wearing a mask or gloves, and neither is Chris. Immediately, her followers began commenting on this. Some are asking why she isn’t wearing a mask or gloves. She has yet to respond.

One fan is encouraging her to “be an example.”After all, Amy has over one million Instagram followers. She could definitely be using her platform for good. Fans do appreciate that she’s supporting small businesses. But, they think that she’s not taking the coronavirus seriously enough. Some celebrities have begun using their platforms to encourage their followers to stay at home or wear masks. Amy could easily do the same.


LPBW: Amy Roloff showed off handmade mask

Earlier on Saturday, Amy shared an Instagram post featuring a selfie. In the picture, she’s at a store and is wearing a mask. In the comments section, she reveals that a friend made a lot of masks, so that’s where Amy got one. And, in her post, she encourages her followers to “stay safe out there.”

LPBW fans aren’t sure why Amy would wear a mask to the store but not to pick up pizza. The posts were shared just six hours apart. They think she should wear a mask if she has one.


Amy previously didn’t take social-distancing seriously

Amy upset LPBW fans when she didn’t take social-distancing seriously. She and Chris spent some time at the beach. While this is a tradition for them, now is not the time for traditions, sadly. Many people all over the world are having to cancel all kinds of events.

In response to seeing Amy spending time at the beach, fans were sure to leave messages encouraging her to stay at home. They tried to educate her on how serious the coronavirus is. Luckily, it’s looking like she’s taking it more seriously now and at least staying at home. Hopefully, her followers will be able to convince her to start wearing a mask.

So, what do you think of Amy’s latest post? Share your thoughts below.

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