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‘BIP’ Alum Jenna Cooper Feels Cleared Of Cheating Scandal, Jordan Kimball Reacts To News

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Bachelor in Paradise alum Jenna Cooper cleared her name of cheating allegations made in 2018. She contacted Reality Steve to share her side of the story. On his podcast, Reality Steve publicly admitted he was wrong. He apologized, retracted and deleted his stories about Jenna cheating on Jordan Kimball. Steve feels his story ultimately ended her engagement to Jordan. Now, with the truth out, Jenna feels vindicated. She’s ready to move on as she awaits her daughter’s arrival with boyfriend Karl.

Jenna cleared her name

After Steve’s podcast aired, Jenna also spoke with US Weekly. “This is a day that I never really saw coming. I know what happened initially and how bullied I was, and part of me just never wanted to talk about it, but I couldn’t let it go and it feels amazing. I can’t even describe it. It feels great to get the truth out.”

The allegations organically came to light when Reality Steve released texts that showed Jenna supposedly talking to a sugar daddy. She denied it from the beginning, but was receiving little support. There was even no support from then fiance Jordan Kimball.  When the story came out the two had just gotten engaged on Bachelor in Paradise. Jordan quickly ended their relationship.

Jenna says, “I thought that Jordan would defend me and we would get through it together, but it turned out very different. I mean it was a big downward spiral. Everybody went against me.”

Jordan responds to the news of Steve’s podcast

The podcast that vindicated Jenna perhaps didn’t go over so well with Jordan. In fact, he took to Twitter to share a few things. He said, “Everyone wants the public apology from me, right? Well my character was attacked as I tried to help and the person I tried to help said I did it. It’s very unfortunate how this all went down. Every step of it, however we since, have both become happier and I wish us all the best.”

He also responded to some trolls who proceeded to push him. He finally wrapped up his tweets with the following, “I’m from a different sector of Bachelor Nation, internet trolls will not bring me to tears and I will not say something publicly that makes me eye roll. I’m the GOAT. Not today Devil.”

Jenna is still unsure if Jordan played any part of scandal

Jenna has also said,  “I completely respect Steve for retracting everything, for deleting everything, for apologizing and honestly just listening to me. The fact that he listened to me [and] we were able to give each other information and find out the truth was just, I mean, I’m so grateful for that.”

She went on to talk about Jordan. Jenna admitted she is still not sure who to blame for everything that went down. She said, “It’s hard to know because he told me, ‘Publicly, I can’t be on your side, but privately I can defend you some,’ basically. And so I don’t know if that was me being manipulated. The problem is he didn’t share information with me. Our communication wasn’t open. There wasn’t a lot of trust there. So I have no idea.”

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In a lengthy Instagram post, Jenna talked about how she felt and how she’s been treated. She had even hired an attorney to search her phone and prove the messages were not hers. Ultimately they did just that. Jenna has been vindicated. She was not cheating on Jordan. She said in her post, “After I proved the texts never came from my phone, the story gets more interesting as I later found proof of two different women (that I’ve never even met), who were involved in helping create this whole scandal. I spoke with Reality Steve, and we exchanged information and put the pieces together to prove how this smear campaign was created.”

Now that her name has been cleared, Jenna is looking forward to moving on. She is excited for her future and feels free of all of this finally. She said, “I don’t want to take anything back because I’m right where I want to be now finally. I feel just really vindicated.”


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