Colton Underwood Assures Fans That Cassie Randolph’s Family Is Healthy

colton underwood and cassie randolph

Colton Underwood shocked Bachelor Nation when he announced that he was diagnosed with coronavirus. On March 20, the Bachelor alum announced to his social media followers that he tested positive for COVID-19. It’s hard to believe since Colton is young, fit, and healthy.

But the coronavirus sees no age, race, or gender. Anyone can get it. Colton believes that he contracted the virus during a celebrity ski trip to Colorado.

He was one of the first celebrities to contract the virus. Since then, he has shared his symptoms, treatment, and recovery process with his followers. Thanks to Cassie Randolph and her family, Colton has fully recovered. But fans are worried about her family’s health as well. Colton wants to assure fans that Cassie and her family are safe and healthy.

Cassie Randolph’s family didn’t get the virus

In an interview with Build, Colton Underwood shared his experience with coronavirus. It felt like the influenza virus at first, until he started having exhaustion, fever, and night sweats. Colton knew something was wrong, and that’s when he got the tested for COVID-19.

Colton was in close contact with all of Cassie’s family. He stayed with Cassie and her family. Since Cassie is a nurse, she was able to take care of him. Colton revealed that no one else in the household got sick. He credits social distancing for keeping everyone safe.

“The strange thing is nobody got it,” Colton revealed. “I think it was due to practicing social distancing. We followed the guidelines from the local health department and the doctor as soon as I tested positive as far as gloves, masks, dropping food off, water up, when I was in self-isolation with the house.”

Colton is feeling like his old self again. He’s even gotten back to running in the morning. Bachelor Nation is relieved to hear that Colton is fully recovered and Cassie’s family is okay. He was successfully able to keep the Randolphs safe through the power of social distancing.

How Colton Underwood leans on his faith during difficult times

Colton also revealed how his relationship with Cassie helped with their faith. In an interview with Today, the reality star revealed that faith has kept him grounded during these difficult times. Colton admits that it’s been a challenge since he couldn’t go to church.

That’s when he found comfort in daily readings and online masses. This allowed Colton to “grow” in his faith. Live-streaming church has also given Colton the opportunity to check out different churches.

His faith also guided his relationship with Cassie during this pandemic. These tough times have brought the couple together.

“I think having God in our relationship was something that was important to us, and we both are sort of there to remind each other when we need to take some time and really sort of get back to our roots and back to our faith.”

For those who are struggling to find hope, Colton says that God has experienced and “been through so much more. And I think we just need to keep that perspective.” He also offered the following advice for those who want to “lean into their faith.”

“I just challenge everybody to really lean into their faith and to really take this time to grow into their relationship with God.”

Cassie Randolph posted on Instagram on April 13 that Colton Underwood has completely recovered. That is great news.

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