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‘OutDaughtered’ Quints Remain Terrified Of The Easter Bunny

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OutDaughtered star Adam Busby recently revealed his quints are still terrified of the Easter Bunny.

Adam Busby played the Easter Bunny this year, and it didn’t go well for the quints.

On April 12th Adam Busby took to Instagram. He shed some light on his quints and their current relationship with the Easter Bunny. As those who follow the OutDaughtered family know… The quints are not huge fans of the Easter Bunny. In fact, they find the large present-giving bunny to be terrifying.

During Easter of 2020, some fans of the TLC family wondered if the quints had calmed down any. After all, they were getting older. This was the type of fear most children eventually grew out of. This was not the case this year per Adam Busby. His quints still found the Easter Bunny as terrifying as ever.

As Cheat Sheet reminds us, the Easter Bunny has been met with tears and not joy in the Busby household. Danielle revealed Olivia, who was just two at the time, screamed “bloody murder” when she saw the Easter Bunny in their backward.

While Adam Busby admitted they should have approached the Easter Bunny differently… They still found a little amusement in the quints’ fears.

Being confined to their home because of the coronavirus, Adam slipped into his Easter Bunny suit again. The quints, who are now five-years-old, were still not fans of the Easter Bunny.

According to the OutDaughtered star, the costume caused ‘terror’ among his daughters.

Adam Busby was nice enough to share a snap of himself rocking the Easter Bunny outfit with OutDaughtered fans on Instagram.

He described the quints’ reactions to the Easter Bunny showing up at their home as “priceless.”

Adam Busby described the quints’ reaction to the Easter Bunny as “way worse” this time around.

They weren’t expecting it this time around. He just appeared, then the terror ensued!”

Fans hope to see the Easter Bunny on new episodes of OutDaughtered.

Some fans asked Adam Busby if any Easter Bunny moments would find their way into episodes of OutDaughtered. Unfortunately, he didn’t give an answer. Fans do know the family are working on footage for the TLC series. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has made things difficult.

This COVID-19 pandemic has set us back with being able to make any new episodes. Hopefully this is over soon and everyone can get back to normal life and we can get back to making new episodes for you guys.”

OutDaughtered fans hope things return to normal soon so the family can move forward with making new episodes of OutDaughtered.

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