‘LPBW’: Audrey Roloff Isn’t Practicing Social-Distancing

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As much of the world is experiencing effects of the coronavirus, many people are practicing social-distancing. Unfortunately, not everyone is taking it seriously. And, this will affect how long the virus sticks around. Audrey Roloff is a Little People, Big World alum. And, she is one person who isn’t adhering to the guidelines. She is now taking the heat after ignoring the guidelines by celebrating Easter with her family. Most people are choosing to stay home from events, but Audrey is not. LPBW fans are expressing their concerns. This is especially concerning to them because she has two young children. Plus, she has 1.3 million followers on social media who may be influenced by her.

On Monday, Audrey shared photos from the family’s Easter celebration. On Audrey’s Instagram Story, she also shared photos featuring other people. She and her husband Jeremy Roloff have two kids, Ember and Bode. But, people outside of their immediate family celebrated the holiday with them.


Immediately, LPBW fans called Audrey out for this. They wonder why she’s not practicing social-distancing. One fan wrote, “What happened to social distancing? There’s still a pandemic going on out there BTW.” Someone else said, “Just wondering why you aren’t isolating? Your Story shows pictures of you and others.”

Finally, another user said,“I noticed a picture you took with your sister. Aren’t there rules about social distancing and stay-at-home orders in Oregon right now? As an influencer, I would have hope that you would influence people to social distance. There are hundreds of thousands of people dying, and here you are enjoying an afternoon with your family.”

Her social media followers are not okay with her actions. And, they think it’s unfair that she’s putting her family and others at risk amid the coronavirus.

LPBW fans previously slammed Audrey over her privilege

This isn’t the first time that Audrey has gotten backlash amid the coronavirus. Also reported by TV Shows Ace, Audrey was called out for her privilege. They say their podcast episode is about “how we’re dealing with a tired and wired Ember girl, the complexity of our cultural moment, how we are handling it, and our thoughts on the coming weeks.”

Fans talked about Jeremy and Audrey’s privilege after they made comments about being “cooped up.” While they are home, they aren’t only staying at their house. In reality, the family is regularly taking trips to Roloff Farms. They are spending time outdoors. And, both Jeremy and Audrey make an income from home. So, they are not in too bad of a place right now. It’s a difficult time for everyone, but Jeremy and Audrey are more privileged than most, especially right now.

In response to the podcast, fans are talking about their own circumstances. They’re pointing out that there are single parents out there. There are people who are low-income. Essential workers are risking their lives. So, since Jeremy and Audrey have jobs and ways to get out of the house, they’re coming from a place of privilege.

So, what do you think about Audrey’s actions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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