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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Preview: Gil Bates Recovers From Surgery

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Gil Bates will be taking things easy on this week’s episode of Bringing Up Bates. According to the video preview from this week’s episode, Bringing Up Bates fans will watch Gil Bates on the mend from his surgery as he recovers at home. While Gil appears to be calm and relaxed, things seem to be chaotic for other members of the Bates family.

Can’t wait for Thursday to get here to enjoy the new episode of Bringing Up Bates? Here’s everything you have to look forward to.

Bringing Up Bates star Gil Bates on the mend after surgery, recovers at home.

As those who follow the UPtv reality show family know… Gil Bates recently had surgery on his rotator cuff. During this week’s episode, fans will watch as he recovers from the surgery.

How did he end up in a position where he needed the surgery to begin with? Well, Gil Bates overextended himself while doing push-ups with some of the younger members of his church. After going to the doctor… Gil Bates got some unfortunate news. Surgery would be necessary. If he wanted to maintain full use of his arm.

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This is just a little message from our hearts. The entire clip is 3 min & 33 sec, so it wouldn’t fit time-wise on one slide, so it’s cut into 5 smaller clips, scroll right to see each piece. I hope that everyone is doing their part to social distance and to stay safe. For those that are battling this sickness, or who have lost loved ones, our hearts are truly grieving over the pain so many have gone through. We know it’s a real fear for some, and a real threat. We are lifting you in prayer and we know that God can bring peace in the midst of our storms. And to all medical and emergency personnel & grocery/restaurant workers, how can we begin to thank you enough?! You are risking all for so many! You are over worked, underpaid, and totally vulnerable- yet you continue to serve and to love selflessly! May God protect and bless you!

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For Gil Bates, the surgery wasn’t optional. Professionally, he does work on trees to support his family. Moreover, he is also the grandfather to over a dozen beautiful grandbabies. So, not having full use of his arm wasn’t an option.

As head of such a large family, the health of papa Bates is of upmost importance. Fortunately, the surgery went off without a hitch. It, however, will take about four months for Gil Bates to recover from the surgery. So, at least for now, Gil Bates is forced to take things easy. Fortunately, he does have a huge family. A loving family that is willing to help him out until he is feeling better. Before Bringing Up Bates fans know it… He’ll be back to cutting down trees and wrestling with his grandchildren!

Bringing Up Bates girls head to the doctor for a group ultrasound.

Erin Bates Paine, Whitney Perkins Bates, and Carlin Bates Stewart are all expecting children. During Thursdays episode, Bringing Up Bates fans will watch the trio head to the doctor for a group ultrasound. Unsurprisingly, Kelly Jo Bates tags along. She wants to offer support for the girls. And, she wants to get a look at her future grandbabies!

While Erin and Whitney are no strangers to the pregnancy process… This is a very new experience for Carlin Bates. Fans of the reality family look forward to seeing the girls’ faces light up as they see their babies on the ultrasound screens!

Back at home, things look a bit chaotic for the Bates family. Sure, Gil Bates is resting and taking it easy. But, the house looks lively as ever with all the little ones running around!

Are you looking forward to this week’s new episode of Bringing Up Bates? Are you happy to know Gil Bates is doing well after his surgery?

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