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Jessa Seewald Spills Jim Bob Duggar’s DISGUSTING Eating Habits

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Jessa Seewald recently dished a little less flattering information about her father Jim Bob Duggar. And, to be honest, it’s something most fans could have gone without knowing about.

Jessa Seewald recently shared a lengthy YouTube video about her childhood.

As we previously reported, Jessa Seewald recently shared a lengthy video reflecting on her childhood. For the most part, the video focused on her father Jim Bob Duggar. Now, as everyone knows, memories tend to fade with age. Moreover, children tend to have wild imaginations. So, chances are pretty good Jessa’s recollection of her childhood differs from her parents. Moreover, it likely differs slightly compared to her other siblings as well. Regardless, the video shared how Jessa Seewald remembers her childhood and her father.

Unfortunately, parts of the information in the video were more honest than pleasant. And, some of the information… Well, it wasn’t very flattering to her father Jim Bob Duggar at all.

How Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar fed their children remains a hot topic.

Everything Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did (and still do) is under a microscope. After all, everyone wants to know how a couple can raise and care for a few shy of two dozen children. But, there was one topic that has always been hotter than anything else. How did Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar feed their children? How do they feed the children they still have? Turns out, Jim Bob Duggar has some pretty gross skeletons in his eating habit closet.

Anyone who watched 19 Kids and Counting know the children played a role in preparing meals. The older Duggar children helped Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar take care of the younger children. Michelle and Jim Bob had a strict grocery budget every month. This forced the children to cook bulk-style meals. This involved a lot of canned goods as opposed to fresh items.

“All of the kids take turns in the kitchen. I always let each one of them take a turn at learning how to prepare a meal,” Michelle Duggar once explained in a family blog.

“We usually have teams of three or four kids that’ll work together on the cooking. If you get more than that, there are really just too many cooks in the kitchen!”

Michelle Duggar insisted her children enjoyed spending family time in the kitchen together.

Jessa’s video to her father was mostly admiration.

Irrefutably, there has always been a lot of controversy surrounding Jim Bob. Did he brain wash his children? Was he overbearing? It, however, appears as if most of his children adore him. During her lengthy video, Jessa Seewald sheds light on some of her favorite experiences with her father. One of the best? Well, just being surrounded by her father’s love.

“I feel like whenever I start thinking about all of the blessings that the Lord has given me through my father, the list just goes on and on. He’s not a perfect man. He has issues like all of us do. … I just see my dad as a man who truly does love the Lord, and I am just so thankful for that.”

Many of Jessa’s siblings agreed with her words. Several even commented on the video.

Jessa Seewald also spilled Jim Bob Duggar’s gross eating habits.

While Jessa mostly focused on positive aspects of her father… She did mention his cooking and eating habits. She claimed that he created a strange sandwich that she and her siblings really enjoyed. According to Jessa, he created “barbecue tuna fish sandwiches” for them while Michelle was at a conference.

“It actually didn’t taste that bad. Us kids liked it. It was probably one of the better things that he fed us.” She jested.

Jessa Seewald spilled that Jim Bob Duggar was a huge fan of canned veggies. She admitted she did not feel the same way.

She noted that her father would grab a can of food, open it, and eat it straight from the can. Jessa added he did this without heating it up first. Unfortunately, she revealed she also picked up this gross eating habit.

“I’ve taken after him in that. Sometimes I’ll do that. I’ll just take something cold from the refrigerator and just eat it.”

While there is no denying Jessa Seewald has grown and changed over the years… Counting On fans aren’t so sure if Jim Bob Duggar has stopped eating straight from the can.

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Do you think eating food straight from the can is gross? Let us know in the comments down below!

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