Duggar: Felicity Vuolo Learns To Wash Her Hands In Cute Video

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In a new video, Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar share that their daughter is learning to wash her hands. It’s the perfect time to instill this habit with the coronavirus going around. Jinger writes, “Felicity getting the full scrub treatment! 🧼 We hope everyone is staying home, staying clean, and staying safe. 😊” Their daughter Felicity will be two years old in July.

In the video, Jeremy helps Felicity wash her hands while Jinger records the video. He shows Felicity how to scrub her hands, wash under her fingernails, rinse the soap off, and dry her hands too. Before too long, Felicity will know how to do this on her own.


Duggar fans respond to Jinger’s video

Lots of Jinger’s Instagram followers think the video is adorable. They love little Felicity and knowing what she’s up to. While some fans are praising Jeremy and Jinger for instilling good habits at a young age, others are sharing their concerns.

In the comments section of Jinger’s post, several Duggar fans pointed out that the family uses paper towels instead of washable, reusable towels. They remind Jinger and Jeremy that reusable towels are better for the environment. In other comments, fans also mention that the family needs to turn off the water while washing their hands. One says they fear leaving the water on will lead to a drought.

But, even with all the negative comments, there are plenty of positive ones. Jeremy and Jinger received a lot of love on this video and on their other recent social media posts.

Jinger and Jeremy set good example amid coronavirus

Jinger and Jeremy have been setting a good example to their followers. Duggar fans love how they’re using their social media platforms for good. Since Jeremy and Jinger live in Los Angeles, California, they’re under a stay-at-home order. This is to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. So, as they have been staying at home, they’ve been sharing about what they’re doing.

In the middle of March, Jinger first started talking about the coronavirus on social media. And, as the virus has spread, she and Jeremy have both shared more updates. They recently shared that they got masks from a friend. Jinger also shared a positive message about staying close to friends and family amid the virus. She urges her followers to call or video chat with their loved ones.

So, what do you think of the new video of Felicity? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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