‘The Bachelor’ Chris Harrison Thinks Peter Weber Should Slow Down

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Peter Weber, the former Bachelor, has had his relationship ups and downs. Now, he has been spotted out with Kelley Flanagan. Chris Harrison thinks that Peter should slow it down a bit.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan

Peter and Kelley have been caught quarantining together lately. Their relationship has stirred a lot of curiosity. However, Chris Harrison has his own opinion on it Yahoo! says. Chris says he is glad that Peter isn’t putting a label on his supposed romance with Kelley.

“Right now, the optics of that [relationship] aren’t good. Probably mentally and emotionally, it’s not great for him [to jump into something serious], so let’s take a little time out, slow things down, and take it easy,” he continued. “But I know he’s interested in Kelley, he always has been, they’ve always had this interesting connection, this interesting chemistry,” Chris admitted.

Chris explains that it could’ve gone south because Kelley wasn’t the type of girl that’s right for the show. Not everyone can do constant competing and constant drama that comes with living in a house of girls. Chris says that the whole production factor may have gotten in the way of her having a real relationship with Peter.

“I’ll take a little blame for this — the show wasn’t perfect for that relationship. I don’t think Kelley was right for the show,” Chris said. “She’s brilliant, she’s beautiful, a lawyer, all those wonderful attributes, and Peter was a great Bachelor. But for them specifically, it just didn’t work.”


‘The Bachelor’ relationship now

It all makes sense. Honestly, it can’t be easy to fall in love with cameras constantly following you and being apart of all of your relationship.

Now they have a chance to try again. However, they should definitely take it slow. After all, Peter did just get out of a relationship with not just his fiance Hannah Ann, but also Madi Prewett. Emotionally, it’s probably best if he takes it slow for both of them. Of course, only they know what they are going through right now. Hopefully, Peter will be able to make the right decision.

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