‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Finds Paper Towels In-Store, Feels Like She Won A Prize, Little Things Count During COVID-19

Sister Wives Janelle brown

Sister Wives fans hoped that the Brown family stayed home as much a possible during the COVID-19 outbreak. And, Kody Brown revealed they only go out when necessary. Janelle, in particular, mentioned they try and take care of social-distancing when they go for walks. Now, she announced that she found some paper towels in-store and felt like she won a prize. Actually, many fans agree that the virus now makes them appreciative of the little things in life.

Sister Wives – Janelle delighted at her paper towel find

Taking to her Twitter on April 11, Janelle announced her happy news. Actually, times really change fast these days. After all, who would care if a reality TV star found some paper towels in a shop before 2020? But, the coronavirus turned life upsidedown, and priorities shift. In her tweet, Janelle said, “I actually found a package of paper towels.” She stressed it’s the “first time in weeks.” Then Janelle noted, “I felt like I…won a prize!”

Fans seemed very happy for her, and many of them explained their triumphs and predicaments with paper towels and toilet paper. As one Sister Wives fan pointed out, “It’s the little things that help us keep us in check. Well done!” Others also noted how excited they feel when they spot the most mundane of all items in the shops. One fan noted, “Did you ever think there would be a time in your life when you got excited about buying paper products? I know I felt like I hit the lottery when I found some TP the other day.” One follower noted, “The little things that make life special. How our priorities changed!”

So much joy from bleach

It’s hardly likely that anyone in modern history believed that a small bottle of bleach could fill them with joy. One of Janelle’s fans wrote, “I found a bottle of bleach, I was almost beside myself with joy!! Sometimes I think its the little things that make me happy.”Another fan explained how they felt when they discovered some “new purse-sized hand sanitizers” in their closet. That fan wrote, “I thought I win the lotto.”

Exploring Your Mind wrote about many people seeking happiness via wealth, status, or through hard work. But, in fact, it’s often the little things we possess that bring us the greatest joy. Very much like Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, joy often comes from inexpensive or even free moments. They give the laugh of a child as an example or a pretty landscape. And these days, people find it when they discover a package of paper towels, hand sanitizer, or even just a toilet roll.

So you agree that the coronavirus epidemic changed a lot of priorities? Did your source of joy shift towards the little things? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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