‘Couples Couch’ Sees Doubts Shake ‘Married at First Sight’ Devotion Before Decision Day

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Couples Couch has been along for the Married at First Sight Season 10 ride with the five curiously unique and completely misaligned couples.  More potholes, ditches, and head-on wrecks have occurred than anything truly blissful, save for one couple’s road.  Even Jessica and Austin got derailed by a fight the day before Decision Day.  Everyone on Couples Couch is cheering for them and one more remaining couple from this troubling Married at First Sight season, but the pressures are building to breaking points.

Forever is a long time, and this week’s episode, “Forever or Never,” brought together Danielle and Bobby from Season 7, Jamie and Doug from Season 1, Shawniece and Jephte from Season 6, and Jamie and Beth from Season 9.  Forever seems to be only a dream for most of the couples, with some shocking revelations for the Couples Couch and anyone else watching, whether the camera rolled or not.

‘Couples Couch’ watches Katie keep going after perfect, passing up her ‘good guy’

Katie and Derek seem very comfortable with their pattern of feuding, then finding themselves “better” as they admitted on their couples retreat.  The two were cute as a bug, if not altogether animal-friendly when they attempted to rescue a turtle they named “Cam.”  After a couple of veterinary consults, they both realized that their new pet couldn’t eat processed foods. They decided that the humane path was to set him free.

Jamie Otis yelled out what a great “team partner” Derek was for Katie.  Katie, unfortunately, used the pond experience as a metaphor that “no matter how much you want some things, it’s better to let them go.”

Katie also did seem to feel confident about commitment when she was saying that whether their team was “together or apart” they should “want each other to be happy.” These comments came after a lock ceremony at a vineyard.  The bride and groom locked their engraved keepsake along with hundreds of others and tossed away the keys.

Derek still struck a hopeful tone with his parents, saying how much he hoped their commitment could last, but that “I’m not sure” about Decision Day.  At Katie’s dinner, Katie’s dad reaffirmed that Derek was “the best of the guys you’ve been with,” to which Shawniece gleefully applauded.  Katie called Derek “a boy,” and lamented whether he could ever love her the way she wanted and needed. The Couples Couch spoke up in a big way.

“He’s trying so hard.  Open your eyes, Katie.  Open your eyes,” Jamie Otis pleaded.

Bobby Dodd was more brutal in his take, “I’m already friends with my ex an Insta” he quipped, “and right after this, I’m going back.” The Couples Couch Texan was in fine form.

Jamie and Beth concluded that maybe “she’s just not that into him,” even after this whole process.  Katie told Derek that she loved their wedding day. Then they wrote that a sailing lesson would be part of their bucket list if they stayed together.  Jephte teased that Katie would burn that book. He

Pining for perfect and total compatibility leads to lonely and alone, and it’s sad to learn that lesson too late. Couples Couch can tell that truth.

A fight is the last thing ‘Couples Couch’ wants for Austin and Jessica

From the wedding days, Austin and Jessica have been the darlings of the Couples Couch and most Married at First Sight fans.  They are willing to be vulnerable and loving with each other, even if Austin isn’t completely ready to say the L-word yet. They may even have a future beyond their eight weeks of the social experiment planned out.

Jessica voiced her disappointment over the travel involved in Austin’s work.  He will have to be gone a few days of every week.  Austin is working toward the upward mobility and salary that his wife hoped for. Jephte Pierre provided a full dissertation on the subject, from his Couples Couch.

Jamie and Beth thought even the fight between the favorite couple was precious. It was a milestone they had to get through.  Only Danielle had serious doubts after the spat.  The issue for Jessica was that Austin felt she demeaned his work by bringing up the sore subject.  The fight couldn’t have had worst timing. Jamie Otis hated to see that no goodbye kiss he came for Jessica as she left for her night alone.  The Married at First Sight universe is pulling with the Couples Couch for this pair.

A good talk too late and another job gone for Michael and Meka

Meka and Michael still behave like two hostages who never met on their Married at First Sight odyssey.  They don’t even sit next to each other, much less dare to ask any personal questions.  Couples Couch is split when it comes to Meka. Beth kept reminding that “You’re too smart for this, girl!” Jamie backed her up by saying “Everybody’s got baggage going into Married at First Sight but Michael’s way over the limit.” Neither partner would declare their decision, and it came to the last day before they even shared a decent conversation.

Meka was in her warrior mode after the couple’s retreat, declaring that only she was “carrying” the marriage.  Jamie Otis wasn’t the only one who noted that Michael and Brandon were a much closer couple then the husband and wife.

On the final dinner before Decision Day, Meka asked why Michael was spending more time at home.  He told her that he had given his two week’s notice and that things weren’t working out at his job.  This makes three jobs for Michael in the eight weeks of the experiment. Every eye watching from  Couples Couch couldn’t believe the news they were hearing—again!

Meka, to her credit, tried the sensitivity tactic that Michael said he needed.  She thanked him for being honest, and wondered if he would have told the truth if she had not asked.  Instead of dwelling on another failure, the two played their version of 20 Questions and enjoyed dinner. The conversation continued at home.  Meka said this kind of communication was all she ever wanted from the start of the marriage.  Only the two can decide if one sprig of positivity is enough.  A stint in therapy and showing at least four pay statements might just be enough from Michael to Meka.

‘Couples Couch’ can’t figure out what’s going on with Brandon and Taylor

No one on Couples Couch got to see Brandon this week, and no one was forgiving his bad behavior from the couples retreat.  It was clear from an overhead camera that Brandon and Taylor were “connecting” on some level.

Brandon refused to be on camera after leaving the couples retreat, asking for an apology from the production team.

Jamie Otis insisted that “they must be having great s**,” as their magic ingredient.  Taylor still was not admitting any wrongdoing on her Unfiltered appearance this week or on Married at First Sight.  She repeatedly stated that she “put Brandon first” in their marriage. “I don’t know” was the  Couples Couch consensus.

Pastor Cal was hopeful that Taylor would find the love that she wanted, but a good stretch of time and some self-examination should probably happen first.  Next season, the experts should examine motive as much as any compatibility quotient for prospective Married at First Sight candidates.

Any fans looking for some fun from the old married couples before Season 11 can look into Married at First Sight: Couples Cam, as reported by TV Shows Ace, on May 20 on Lifetime.

Next week is Decision Day, and the previews are preparing fans for some real shockers– stay tuned!

Couples Couch airs Thursday on Lifetime.

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